React Skills: Tips and Tricks for 2024


In the ever-evolving web development field, React remains as the powerhouse framework. It drives innovation and efficiency in building modern web applications. To expertise in React JS 2024, developers must stay updated with the latest tips and tricks to leverage the full potential of React. In this article, we’ll explore the advanced valuable insights and techniques to enhance your React Skills: Tips and Tricks for 2024.

Effective usage of Concurrent mode

To begin, building more responsive and efficient user interfaces with React’s Concurrent mode. This feature allows React to work on multiple tasks simultaneously by pausing and resume rendering work as needed. It enables smoother and more responsive user interfaces. The following key principles are to be followed in concurrent mode such as:

  • Asynchronous Rendering to handle higher-priority tasks, such as user interactions or data fetching.
  • React Suspense allows components to “suspend” rendering while waiting for asynchronous data to load.
  • Use Effect and UseLayoutEffect hooks are essential tools for managing side effects and performing updates.

Server Side Rendering Techniques

Improve the Performance of React applications by implementing Server-side rendering (SSR) techniques. The tips to optimize your React application for server-side rendering:

  • Minimize the size of Initial Bundle by code splitting and lazy loading non-essential modules.
  • Use SSR Frameworks like Next.js or Razzle for built-in support such as automatic code splitting and prefetching.
  • Cache server-side data fetching to avoid redundant requests on subsequent page loads.

Redux Toolkit for managing state

Redux Toolkit is a powerful library with a set of tools for state management. It helps developers write more efficient code when managing application state. The key uses of Redux toolkit are:

  • Simplified Redux Setup using configureStore() function
  • Slice concept with concise syntax to write concise codes
  • Immer to handle immutable updates to state
  • Built-in thunk middleware to write asynchronous logic
  • Performance optimization to improve responsiveness of the applications

Use hooks for state management

Hooks are functions that allow the use of state and other React features without writing a class. The most commonly used hook for state management is the useState hook.

  • useState: To add state to functional components. Use it to declare state variables and update them within the component.
  • useReducer: Alternative to useState for managing more complex state logic. This hook is useful when state transitions are more intricate or involve multiple sub-states.
  • useContext: Accessing context values within a functional component. It can be used to consume and update shared state across multiple components. This hook is commonly used for global state management.

Code splitting and lazy loading

Techniques to improve the performance of React applications. It involves splitting the code into smaller chunks and loading them when needed. These techniques reduce the initial load time of the application and improves the overall user experience.

  • Code Splitting: To split your code into separate bundles and can be loaded asynchronously when required using
    • Dynamic import() statements
    • React.lazy() function.
  • Lazy Loading: Techniques to load components when they are needed. It is triggered by user actions like button clicks. Use React.lazy() with React Suspense to lazily load components.
  • Route-based Code Splitting: To split your application code based on routes using React Router’s dynamic import() and Suspense.


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