Scrum Master – What are the Roles and Responsibilities?


In recent times, Scrum Master is the new terminology which is in-demand in this growing IT market with the most promising career and the well-paying job in top companies. According to recent analysis, employment will increase at a rate of 24% annually through 2026 which creates high demand for scrum masters as well. To deliver new software features and functionalities Scrum methodology is used as it is a subset of the Agile software development in which the development team set goals to deliver the product effectively.


The main aim of Scrum framework is to make the job done by making the different teams involved as a single unit in software development. It includes continuous learning and flexibility that helps in achieving the objective by finding the better solution for any problem.Scrum defines the set of roles, meetings, and tools in an organised manner that allow teams to follow a path to continuous improvement and handle work management more efficiently. With effective communication, dedication, Scrum achieves continuous improvement along with Short release cycles and re-prioritization.

Scrum Master:

To begin with, Scrum Master is the professional who follows the scrum framework to master the scrum and facilitates the scrum team skilfully. They remove obstacles and distractions to meet the goals in which scrum has defined as a set of roles and rituals that should be followed through the scrum framework.As Scrum is the lightweight agile framework, Scrum master facilitates the scrum who are committed to the scrum foundation and values to improve their workflow.

Scrum Master’s Demand:

According to the recent Agile Report, Agile methodology gains popularity as Scrum is used in top companies up to 56% which increases the demand for Scrum masters with high probability. The demand for Scrum master increases as it works with the product owner and helps to refine and improve the process to produce the best product with effective iterations along with better team management.

Scrum Master Responsibilities:

  • In the agile world, the primary aim of the scrum master is to keep the team on track during the business process with the help of the development team in progressing the task on the projects along with the responsible authority, own processes and tools.
  • Firstly, the Scrum master leads the team members who are well trained with understanding of the agile processes.
  • With stand-up meetings, Scrum master tracks the team progress, notes any obstacles, time estimation, makes sure the team stays focused and ends on time with task completion.
  • To add on, stand-up meetings are short and find a way to remove obstacles leading to the team’s progress with useful information derived from the meetings.
  • Using sprint planning sessions, Scrum master help to facilitate other Scrum events and priorities the items based on discussion from the product and development teams.
  • Assist the product owner to refine and maintain the product backlog which is a live document that changes based on current status and development needs.
  • Work as the administrator of the scrum board, ensure the up to date information along with the scrum tool, Jira software and much more.
  • Consult with team members and internal stakeholders to decide the best to work with the scrum team and Reporting using burndown charts and other portfolio planning tools.
  • Finally, scrum master acts as a team member, or collaborator helping the team enhance and streamline the processes that helps in achieving the goals.

Scrum Salary Details:

Due to the contribution of the Scrum framework to the software development field, the success and popularity of Scrum has been increased worldwide. As a result, Scrum Master salary in India is significantly increasing with remarkable salary.

According to Upgrade report, the average salary of Scrum Master in India is Rs. 1,412,000 per annum with the minimum Rs. 7, 02,000 per annum and goes up to a maximum of Rs. 2,268,000 per annum based on the location, experience, company, skillset and much more.

To become a Scrum Master:

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