Why developers should learn docker kubernetes in 2024


To begin, Docker and Kubernetes are the two essential tools for the software developer.These are two complimentary container technologies which simplify the development and deployment process.As more companies are moving towards containerized environments, the demand for docker and kubernetes skills are high. It is the new way to build,deploy and ship software applications.Let’s explore more about why developer should learn docker kubernetes in 2024.


A container is a stand alone, lightweight, executable unit of software. It is a fast, portable unit that packages application code and its libraries,dependencies. Containers provide a way to pack applications.In large applications,multiple containers can be used as one or more container clusters.It provides better application development and great efficiency.Containers offer easier deployment and better support.It also allows the existing application to migrate into a more modern environment.


Docker is an open source software platform to build,deploy,run and manage containers.It is one of the most used platforms around the world.Docker improves productivity using automation with writing efficient codes.It standardizes the development and deployment across cloud platforms

. Docker includes,
  • Docker Engine – Runtime environment to build and run containers.
  • Dockerfile – Text file with everything including a list of commands to build a Docker container image.
  • Docker Compose – Tool for defining and running multi-container applications.

Advantages of Docker

  • To improve productivity
  • Easy collaboration
  • Standardize the development and deployment process
  • Portable


Container orchestration is the automatic process of managing the work of individual containers for applications.It is responsible for managing the lifecycle of the containers in the environment.Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration tool for bundling and managing clusters of containerized applications.


  • To scale up and down based on actual demand
  • Cost efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Improve user performance
  • Automated deployment process

Why learn Docker and Kubernetes?

The major reasons for developers to learn Docker and Kubernetes:
  • Docker and Kubernetes are dominating technology in the job market. As the adoption of cloud is increasing with evolving trends, These technologies are essential. They provide everything to run and support the application.
  • Docker and Kubernetes Certified Engineer is one of the highly paid job roles.The average salary for a Docker And Kubernetes Engineer is ₹11,19631 per year in India.
  • To automate and manage the applications, Docker and kubernetes are the most preferred by companies globally.

Job Roles

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Python Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

Docker and kubernetes works on all machines and improves productivity with an easy switching process.They automates the repetitive process and standardizes the development.
Using a wide range of technologies,Docker and kubernetes allow collaboration and flexibility in working with them. It allows us to build AI projects and to work across on-premise and cloud platforms.
To simplify cloud migration, Docker and kubernetes are compatible with all major cloud providers. It is the best choice and increases the value on your resume. Docker and kubernetes are valuable skills suitable for all software professionals.

Docker and Kubernetes Training

To learn Docker and Kubernetes. Join Docker and Kubernetes training at Credo Systemz.The main focus of our Docker and kubernetes training are,
  • Firstly, The Latest Course Syllabus: The Standard course starts with basics of Docker and containers.
  • Professional Skills Development: To develop the ability to work with docker from installation, Architecture and more.
  • Knowledge Sharing:To handle docker images, volumes, registries and networking.
  • Solid Foundation:Handling kubernetes with understanding of Architecture, cluster,Kubernetes pods, deployments, and services.
  • Expert trainers: To get training by experienced Docker and Kubernetes professionals.
  • Live Projects: By building Docker photos and configuring Docker Hub, CI/CD pipeline using real time Docker and Kubernetes projects.
  • Placement assistance: Mock interviews,interview question set,career guidance,job support.


Finally,To move forward in the career path, Docker and Kubernetes are essential skills for software developers.This important skill increases the salary,market value and demand in the growing market.Enroll now in the training courses to understand these technologies to stay in this evolving field.

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