Why Java for Selenium?


To start with,Software testing is the continuous process namely Software Testing Lifecycle (STLC) to perform critical analysis to identify and evaluate the developed application meets the Business Requirement. It works with the software development life cycle to deliver bug-free software verifying the functionalities and validates the performance with the requirement. The major two type of software testing are:

Java for Software Testing

First of all, Automated Testing uses different programming languages like VBScript, JavaScript, Java, Python, .NET etc. Java is one of the popular, more useful languages than other programming language used for performing automation testing.

Java is used with
  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • RFT
  • JMeter
  • SoapUI


Among many different testing frameworks, Selenium is surely one of the best in-demand to help developers in the testing field internationally. According to Business Wire report, Selenium is popular with enormous growth of 300% in terms of job postings and increase in the future exponentially.

Importantly, Selenium supports different programming languages like Java, python, ruby, C#, JavaScript etc.Java is one of the wide spread,preferred languages in the software testing industry used for writing automation scripts in Selenium.

To improve the career growth, learn java to become a automation tester along with selenium.As Java is a vast language, learn only the selected portion of Java language which is required for selenium automation testing.

For Knowledge : Selenium
Skills required for the Selenium Professional
  • Programming knowledge like Python, Java, C#, etc.
  • Network awareness.
  • Knowledge about web applications.
  • Minimal viable skills (MVS) for automation.
  • Software management.

Required Java Knowledge for Selenium

To master Selenium, let’s take a look at the details of how much java knowledge is required for the successful career path.It is much need to understand and develop knowledge of Java which is enough to be able to develop java programs.

Knowledge of core Java

Learn the Core Java basics to develop strong in-built knowledge and the essential skills required for the selenium developer.Java training in Chennai at Credo Systemzassists in developing the Knowledge required for a skilful Java developer from basic.

Structure of Java program – To understand the key components of Java program which mainly includes the structure along with development environment, compilation and running of the program. The basic understanding of the concepts of variables is needed for better programming like Datatypes, Keywords, and Access Modifiers. Control statements like If-else, while, for loop etc. – Learn thesejava language essentials to build the program logic.

Classes and Objects – Learn the concept of classes and objects along with OOPs concepts which isvery important for this object oriented programming language-Java. OOPs Concepts

  • Inheritance
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
Arrays – It enables handling multiple data sets which help to test data sets for any application. Collections – To learn this basic frameworkwhich helps to manage the datasetslike set, list & mapefficiently than arrays along with packages, exceptions and Java API.

File handling –To know how to open and create files, read data from the files like Excel, CSV, and XMLwhich helps to write automation scripts for Selenium.

More importantly, the Knowledge of the basic concepts of Java helps to create simple test automation scripts with Selenium including WebDriver API while learning Selenium.

Moreover, the Object oriented concepts of Java helps to reduce thecomplexity and maintenance of test scripts. This is in turn makes the test scripts re-usable along with creating test automation frameworks.

Code refactoring technique and design patterns of Java helps making the test automation framework simpler and more efficient by solving common development problems.


Finally, this article clearly explains the importance of Java in Software testing and how to learn Java to become professional Selenium developer as it is in demand for automation testing. Learn Selenium training in Chennai Credo Systemz from scratch with practical training using expert trainers to perform automation testingand fix the existing code along with the basic idea of Java.