Why Learn Python? Why it’s so HOT right now!!

Python Introduction

Python programming which is one of the high level interpreted general purpose programming language which is created by Guido van Russom, we are pretty sure that when he created this programming he definitely didn’t know that he it will be huge hit and used by programmers all over the world and becomes one of the top used programming language.

Many of us might have learned Python programming, worked in it, even completed plenty of projects using Python programming or even a person who doesn’t know anything about it, don’t worry this post here will help you to understand everything about Python and the reason to learn Python.

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“Python fun facts”: In Python the most used APIs and important libraries available for Machine learning, AI and Data Science.

Why Python does top the list?

We might have thought how a programming language which has been created in a person’s holiday time has been a huge hit, If you are the one then here you go the below benefits of Python programming points will clearly shows why it is,

Here you go:
  • First of all Python programming is very easy to learn, easy to work and read.
  • Python is especially considered as one of the best idle programming which works well with general purpose tasks like data mining, automation.
  • By the same if you are not a professional programmer no worries you can easily read Python & understand it.
  • Undeniably Stack Overflow shares “Python has a solid claim to being the fastest-growing major programming language”.
  • Indeed Python also powers different frameworks which helps to work in different fields like Django an open source web application framework and Ruby on rails.
  • The most important point to notice is Python programming in different fields, whatever the technology you chose Python will be there.
“Python Fun Facts”: Python is the important part of Google, the dozens of Google engineers use python in every day

Top field where Python Is Used?

As already shared above Python language is considered as a common purpose language to be used in different fields even including the top technologies. Listing few below for your reference

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Development
  • Computer Graphics / Game Development
  • GIS software – Mapping & Geography
  • Test Automation
  • Big Data and Data Analysis
  • System automation & administration
  • Game Development

Python Job Opportunities

This COVID 19 pandemic period has put the whole world in an unstable situation, the current report shares even during this pandemic situation the job opportunities of Python developer still in demand.

As already updated the Python programming language suits for both beginners and experienced professionals hence the job opportunities are also available for both freshers and developers as well.

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Python for fresher

Here You Go:

As a beginner or fresher IT professional are you thinking about starting you career in Python and asking yourself Why learn Python ?, Then here you go this part is specially for you.

  • Python has been registered as the most popular programming language where the interest is rising 27% every year.
  • The usage of Python is gaining a lot of interest all over the world which helps to get more job opportunities.
  • If you have interest into Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence then Python is the right way to begin.
  • Most importantly it is very easy to learn and amazingly runs in any platform without any problem.
  • From the report generated by Payscale the average Salary of a Python developer in India is 561,940 INR / year.
  • As shared above Python is a general multipurpose programming can be used anywhere which helps the fresher to gain most job opportunities.

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Python for Experienced

There’s no doubt about it: Python Programming is the hottest language to learn in 202 1 What makes Python a preferred language for experienced programmers?
  • If you are an experienced programmer, then Python is the best option for your career growth in tech world. So, here we listed the trending technologies which is most important reasons to learn python for experienced programmers
  • Python is the leading language of Data Science, Machine learning, AI, Big Data, Web Development and testing framework.
  • Most of the data scientist preferred python for their preferred language well, python offers the most diversity and libraries more than R programming.
  • Also, Machine learning algorithms are high phenomenal growth in now days, here python is best part and most preferred programming.
  • The most popular web frameworks in python was Django, Flask, Pylons, these are makes code faster and stable.
  • As well as, Python is the best choice for IoT- Internet of things.
  • Likewise, The Artificial intelligence is huge development in current industry, here Python act as the best part.
  • Of course, Python is the most important in Big Data and Testing Frameworks

Whoa!! That was great opportunity for experienced programmers. As a matter of Fact: Python has highly paid and also huge Scope of Jobs and Career Growth Besides all, Python is very easy to learn and as we discussed it having high career growth and high demand for python developers. Python is the excellent starting point to learn in 2021. Programming is an art, here python proved this from all the above points.Interested to learn Python? Click below to start Python also checkout our Python Course Syllabus for your Python real time training.

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