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Credo systemz offers Performance Tuning training in Chennai which is handled by experienced Professional from top MNCs, Our Performance Tuning course is designed to enhance the skills in designing, coding and maintaining the Oracle application by providing the best performance tuning with a hands-on session.

About Performance Tuning Course

What is Performance Tuning?

Performance tuning is the rectification of system performance. Normally, the computer systems motive the performance problem that can be anticipated. Performance tuning is modify the system to handle a higher load and Using some techniques to improve performance. Among them are load balancing,self-tuning,distributed computing ,code optimization and bottleneck.

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Section 1 : Performance Tuning Overview

  • Introduction to Perfomance Tuning Features and tools
  • How to set the performance goals?
  • Basic understanding of Oracle Architecture
  • Structure of Logical storages
  • Differences of logical and Physical Memory

Section 2 : Performance Designing and Developing

  • Main Phases of Data Design
  • Concepts of Data Model
  • System Architecture
  • Understand the Online transaction process
  • Performance tuning for Multi-purpose application

Section 3 : Optimizing SQL

  • What is physical retrieval of data?
  • Full Table Scan vs. Index scan performance
  • Overview of Performance Analytic Tools
  • Explain the Plan
  • SQL Tracing Facility
  • Tuning using  Auto tracing
  • Join Procedures
  • Sort-Merge Join
  • Hash Joins
  • Nested Loops

Section 4 : Indexes

  • What is Indexes?
  • Understanding B-Tree indexes and how they impact the performance?
  • Using Bitmap index to tune the Oracle performance
  • Comparing Bitmap and B-Tree indexes
  • What is the use of Reverse key index?
  • When to use index organised tables?
  • Invisible indexes
  • How to create and monitor indexes

Section 5 : Metrics, Baseline and Alerts

  • Metrics, Alerts and Baseline Concepts
  • Limitation of Base Statistics tool
  • Advantage of Metrics
  • How to use Database control and setting the thresholds?
  • Histogram
  • Creating and Testing the Metrics, Alert and views

Section 6 : Automatic SQL Tuning

  • An Overview of Optimizer modes and its types
  • SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Using Dynamic Performance views

Section 7 : SQL Performance Analyzer

  • Explain the SQL Performance Analyzer process and benefits
  • How to use SQL Performance Analyzer

Section 8 : Tuning the Shared Pool

  • Understand the shared pool architecture and operations
  • The Library Cache & Latch and Mutex concepts
  • Overview of Diagnostic tools
  • Comparison of Soft Parse and Hard Parse
  • SQL Query Result cache and Data Dictionary cache
  • Tuning the large pool

Section 9 : Tuning the Buffer Cache

  • An Overview of Oracle database architecture – Buffer cache
  • What is Database Buffers?
  • Understand the Buffer hash table for lookups
  • Buffer Cache Performance Symptoms and Solutions

Section 10 : Using AWR-Based Tool

  • Introduction to Automatic Maintenance Tasks
  • Monitoring the ADDM Performance
  • Enhanced Automatic Workload Repository Views
  • Emergency Monitoring

Section 11 : Using Statspack

  • Installation of Statspack
  • Creating Statspack snapshots
  • How to generate the Statspack reports?
  • Statspack report Analysis

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