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Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai – Credo Systemz provides the best hands-on Apache Cassandra Training Chennai for the past years from experts. The number of professionals has completed their Cassandra certification training in our institute with full satisfaction.

About Apache Cassandra Course

What is Apache Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra is an open source second generation distributed data base released by Facebook. The write write-optimized shared-nothing architecture results in excellent performance and scalability. The master class ring design of Apache Cassandra makes it elegant, easy setup and maintenance.

Benefits of Apache Cassandra

Benefits of Apache Cassandra

Reasons to Use Cassandra
  • Provides Simple Solution for Complex Problems – Cassandra used to provide simple solution for complex problems like Metrics and Logging.
  • Learn Easily – Cassandra is the small footprint of Major or Primary Database so easy to learn.
  • Fault-Tolerant – Cassandra having many mechanisms for fault tolerance and provides masterless cluster with no single point failure.
  • Handle a Large Amount of Data – Cassandra used to handles a large amount of data and operate massive data.
Why Learn Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra an open source distributed database management system. Here are the reasons Why should you learn Apache Cassandra training Chennai.

  • Apache Cassandra can handle workloads against multiple data centers with no single failure
  • Cassandra – World’s largest website is running over Apache Cassandra
  • Number of startup & large companies moving into Cassandra for their next generation computing
  • All the top companies started to use Apache Cassandra such as Facebook, Twitter, IBM, Cisco etc
  • The job market for Apache Cassandra is in peak at a rate of 300%
Main Components of Apache Cassandra
  • Node — Node is the place where data is stored
  • Data Centers – Data Centers are used to collections of nodes
  • Clusters – Clusters is the collections of the data centers
  • Commit log – It is used to write operations
  • Mem-Table – It is memory consistent data structure. After the commit log data will write on Mem-Table
  • SSTable – When Mem-table reaches a certain threshold, data is flushed to an SSTable disk file.
Difference Between NoSql databases Cassandra and MongoDb

Cassandra is an open source and column oriented database. It manages number of data sets and spread out across more servers. Cassandra comes from NoSql database family. Cassandra does not support any server scripting programs and other programming languages like C++, Java etc.

MongoDB is an open source and document oriented database. MongoDB also comes from NoSql Database family. Mongodb works on collection and document concepts. Mongodb written in C++ and it supports the server side programs and any other programming languages.

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  • Limitations of RDMS solutions.
  • NOSQL databases.
  • Common characteristics of NoSQL databases.
  • CAP theorem.
  • What is Cassandra?
  • History of Cassandra.
  • Features of Cassandra.


  • Downloading Apache Cassandra distribution
  • Preparing the environment – Installing Java , Configuring ports
  • Installing Cassandra using package and tarball installation
  • What are the main configuration files in Cassandra
  • Understanding required directory permissions
  • Starting Cassandra and checking status
  • Accessing Cassandra log files


  • Understanding the analogy between RDBMS and Cassandra data model
  • Understanding following database elements
    • Cluster
    • Keyspace
    • Column Family/table
    • Column
  • Understanding Static and dynamic tables
  • Understanding the primary key
  • Understanding compound primary keys and clustering.


  • Understanding That Cassandra Is a Distributed Database
  • Key Cassandra elements
    • Memtable
    • Commit log
    • SSTables
  • Learn how Cassandra replicates data
  • Learning Gossip protocol – Detecting failures
  • Learning What Snitch Is For
  • Learning What Gossip Is For
  • Learning How Data Gets Distributed
  • Learning About Virtual Nodes
  • Understanding Write path
  • Understanding read path
  • Understanding Replication Factor
  • Understanding consistency level
  • Understanding repair
  • Understanding incremental repair


  • Defining a keyspace
  • Deleting a keyspace
  • Understanding Replication Factor
  • Understanding Replication Strategy
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Create a keyspace, specify the replication factor and replication strategy while creating keyspace using


  • Validation Summary
  • Required Field Validator
  • Compare Validator
  • Range Validator
  • Regular Expression Validator
  • Custom Validator


  • Using INSERT INTO command
  • Using COPY command
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Use INSERT INTO command to insert data in table. Use COPY command to insert data.


  • Update and delete are also inserts
  • Updating data
  • Understanding tombstones
  • Deleting data
  • Using TTL
  • Updating a TTL
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Use UPDATE command to update data. Use DELETE command to delete data. Create expiring columns with TTL.

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  • How to choose appropriate hardware
  • Selecting the right balance of the following resources: memory,CPU, disks, number of nodes, and network.


  • Understanding Cassandra nodes.
  • Specifying seed nodes.
  • Bootstrapping a node.
  • Adding a node in Cluster.
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Create a cluster containing one node. Bootstrap a new node in the cluster


  • Decommissioning a node.
  • Removing a dead node.
  • Putting a node back into service.
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Decommission a node from the cluster.


  • Understanding repair.
  • Understanding read repair.
  • What’s new in incremental repair.
  • Run a Repair Operation.
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Repair a cluster using nodetool utility.


  • Creating a Snapshot
  • Restoring from a Snapshot
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Create backup as part of this hands-on. Restore from the backup to recover data.


  • Configure system.log file.
  • Configure cassandra.log file.
  • Configure gc.log file.


  • Multi Data Center support in Cassandra.
  • Changing snitch type.
  • Modifying cassandra-rackdc.properties.
  • Changing Replication Strategy.


  • Understanding Cassandra monitoring tools.
  • Using Nodetool Utility.
  • Using JConsole.
  • Learning about OpsCenter.
  • Hands ON/Demo
  • Use nodetool utility to manage the cluster. Connect JConsole to cluster and monitor JMX statistics.


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Cassandra Certification Training

Apache Cassandra Certification training helps you to be certified Cassandra administrator. Apache Cassandra Certification really helps you to speak more about Cassandra topics confidently in your interviews. We provide the best Cassandra Certification Training with Placement Assistance which helps you to become a Best Cassandra Developer.

Apache Cassandra Career Path

Cassandra is a popular NoSQL Database now so most of the top MNC companies used Cassandra to manage a large amount of data. A few Cassandra used companies such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Apple, IBM, Reddit etc.. so more Cassandra job openings available in the IT industry. For your best Cassandra career get Best Apache Cassandra Training from us and also we provided placement assistance to you which helps to crack the Cassandra interview easily…

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Queries You may have

Prerequisite to join Apache Cassandra Training Chennai

Our Apache Cassandra training course is designed from basic to advanced level thus it doesn’t needs any prior knowledge of Apache Cassandra or SQL databases. Minimum exposure to Java, Data warehousing or Database is more than enough. OurCassandra real time hands-on training will transfer you from beginner to an expert.

Objectives of Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai

Our Apache Cassandra Training program will help you to be a professional in the following areas,

  • Benchmark read and write operations
  • Recognize different types of failure
  • Fix a failed or partially failed cluster
  • Identify potential performance bottlenecks
  • Perform live schema updates
  • Perform move operations
  • Plan and perform cluster-wide operations
  • Monitor compaction, repair, and hinted handoff
Before enrolling, Can I get any Free Class ?

Definitely !
Before enrolling to Apache Cassandra training, we are arrange Free Demo Class to you so You can discuss with our Trainer and clarify your doubts at free of cost. Then you came to know about how we are differ from others.

After the Apache Cassandra Course Completion, What is My Level ?

After completion of your Best Apache Cassandra Training , You can work with Apache Cassandra Project without anyone’s support and also You can be able to attend and crack the Cassandra Interview easily as well.

What is the Course Duration of Apache Cassandra?

In Credo Systemz Course Duration of Apache Cassandra Training is 35 to 45 hrs.

Will you Help Me for Interviews?


After the Cassandra course completion, We will conduct Three Mock Interviews. In the Three Interviews, We will figure outs Your Technical competence and where to Improve etc. So after the Mock Interviews, You will have a clear vision and It will helps you for Placements.

Apache Cassandra Job Roles
  • Apache Cassandra Developer
  • Cassandra Database Administrator
  • Cassandra solution architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Cassandra Tester

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Why Choose us for Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai

  • Named as the Best Apache Cassandra Hands-on Training providers in Chennai
  • Cassandra Administration training which helps the candidates to be a professional administrator
  • Minimum cost for Apache Cassandra Training Chennai with Certification since providing the best in city
  • More than 8+ years of experienced certified professional trainers
  • Minimum number of candidates in our Cassandra classroom session
  • Best providers of Apache Cassandra Online training in Chennai from experts with real time examples
  • Expert MNC Employees as Apache Cassandra Trainers in Credo Systemz
  • Practical assignments and assessments will be provided for trainees
  • Job based Cassandra Training in Chennai,which easy for your placement.
  • Named as the best Cassandra administration training in chennai because of our course contents
  • Further Our Cassandra Course Material is standard and latest.
  • We provide free placement assistance because we care about your career.
  • Flexible session timings for you Cassandra classroom training in Chennai
  • Apache Cassandra Certification practice test after the completion of the course
  • Apache Cassandra Corporate Training also available which helps to train the working professionals

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Credo Systemz is the Best place to learn Apache Cassandra Training. My trainer is highly skilled and very professional in handling the session. The content includes basic to advance Cassandra topics which very much useful to learn the depth about Cassandra. I would like to recommend Credo Systemz as the Best Cassandra Training Center in Chennai.

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Hi ,This is Abinaya . I did my Apache Cassandra Training  @ credo systemz. This training is very Helpful to my career. My trainer explained all the topics clearly. Now I can deal with any type of Cassandra Projects . Thanks to my Trainer.

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I am Mukesh. I recently completed my Apache Cassandra Training at Credo Systemz training institute. My trainer taught all the topics with Practically and give some exercise to do it on home. It helped me to develop my knowledge of Cassandra. Apache Cassandra training topics are advanced topics which helpful to cracking the interview easily.. I really recommended this best cassandra training institute to my friends..

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I am Suthan. I had completed Apache Cassandra Certification Training in Chennai at Credo Systemz. I learned a lot information about Cassandra and my trainer provide practical sessions with proper guidance. They are give free cassandra study materials to all which helpful study clearly about all topics. After completion of my training i got best job with high package. Thank you so much Credo Systemz..

Excellent Training – Fully Practical  
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Hai.. This is Maheswari .. I have done my Apache Cassandra classroom training at Credo Systemz. First of all Thank you to my trainer for gave the best Cassandra training with placement assistance. Teaching style was very nice, and he explained all topics at very clear manner so easy to understand.. They provide more examples to work out at home which really helpful to getting best job, and i am very happy to say credo systemz is the best Cassandra training institute in chennai..

Excellent Training and Lovely Atmosphere  
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My name is Murali. I have done my Apache Cassandra training in Credo Systemz. This training has helped me a learn more things about Cassandra ,we had to bring our laptops every class, thereby understanding through practical approach. Timings are very flexible for me and attended missed class on another day which helpful to complete the training successfully. Thank you Credo..

Overall Training was Excellent  
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I am Sruthi. I have done my Apache Cassandra Database administration training in chennai @ Credo Systemz. My trainer is very professional and experienced person in Cassandra technologies. All training session are practical oriented and very interactive. Before joining this institute i attended free demo session with my trainer which gave me confident to join here. In Credo Apache Cassandra course fees in chennai was minimum. Thank you so much my trainer and Credo Team.

Best Learning Experience  
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Hai , I am Vishnu Priya and I completed my Cassandra Certification in Chennai Velachery @ Credo Systemz. After my training i really satisfied with this training because whole training classes are practical oriented which really helpful to understand the all concepts easy way. In Credo Cassandra Certification Cost is minimum compare than other training institutes. I learnt lot about Apache Cassandra from this training. Now I am very confident about my interviews. I really recommended Credo Systemz as the best institute for Apache Cassandra Professional Certification in Chennai.. Thank you Credo

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