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MongoDB Training in Chennai with Basic to Advanced concepts of No SQL. We provide Best MongoDB Training in Chennai, Velachery with the real-time application. MongoDB is an open source and Document-oriented. It’s written in C++. Our MongoDB Course Content designed in the way of easy to Understand. We ranked as a Best MongoDB Training Institute in Chennai, Velachery from all positive review from our candidates.

Before proceeding further, Here we go for a short information about MongoDB.

About MongoDB Course

What is MongoDB ?

MongoDB is an open source and one of the leading NoSQL Database. It supports cross-platform and document-oriented database which is mainly used for Large-scale database. Mongo DB is a high-performance open source, Schema free document / Object-Oriented database optimized for web application environments.

MongoDB stores data as JSON formats, sometimes the documents can be varied in structure. Relevant information is stored together in a document for better and fast query access via the MongoDB query language.

Why to Choose MongoDB ?
  • Mass data loading
      By Default MongoDB Supports High insertion ration. If your application wants to insert tons of data in a efficient manner, you can choose MongoDB.
  • High Data Availability in an Unreliable Environment
      If any failure case, Data recovery is very easy and automatic.
  • Large Scaling Database
      A MySQL table performance will get degrade when it crossing more than 5-10 GB of data. In MongoDB, You can handle large scale of data. It has inbuilt Solution.
  • MongoDB is schema-less
      In RDBMS, When table has large data, adding new columns in a existing table will take more loading and performance degrade. Here MongoDB is schema-less so adding or modifying new columns will not affect any performance.
How MongoDB is efficiently works ?

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Section1: Introduction to MongoDB

  • Introduction
  • Downloading
  • First Run
  • Command Line Options
  • Install As Service
  • Verify Server
  • Database is Namespace
  • Getting Help in the Shell
  • Replica Sets
  • Configuring a Replica Set
  • Verifying Replication Works
  • Replica Set Failover

Section2: The Mongo Shell

  • Shell Role in Ecosystem
  • Shell Modes
  • Shell Invoking Syntax
  • Using Eval
  • Substantial Scripts
  • Execute Script Before Enter
  • Shell Keys and Shortcuts
  • Multiline Editing
  • External Editor Integration
  • Load Script from Within
  • User RC File
  • Common Safety Usage Tip
  • Shell Alternatives

Section3: Saving Data

  • Overview
  • Storage
  • BSON
  • Saving Documents
  • Collections
  • Document Id
  • ObjectId
  • Insert
  • Insert with Id
  • Complex Document
  • Save Danger
  • Update Command
  • Update Demo
  • Set Operator
  • Unset Operator
  • Rename Operator
  • Push Operator
  • Pull Operator
  • Pop Operator
  • Array Type
  • Multi Update
  • Find And Modify

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Section4: Finding Documents

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • find()
  • Equality
  • Projection
  • Comparison
  • $not
  • $in
  • Arrays
  • $all
  • $nin
  • Dot Notation
  • Sub-Document
  • null and $exists
  • And
  • More Projection
  • Cursor
  • sort()
  • limit()
  • skip()
  • findOne()

Section5: Indexing

  • Overview
  • Scan Is Bad
  • Index Theory
  • Sort Uses Index
  • Index Types
  • Create Index
  • system.indexes collection
  • explain()
  • nscanned
  • Multi-Term Query
  • Comparison
  • Scanned vs. Returned
  • dropIndex()
  • Nested Fields
  • Array Field
  • Sort
  • Unique
  • Sparse
  • Compound
  • Sort Direction
  • Covering Index
  • Dead Weight
  • Background build
  • Index Name
  • Conclusion


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Queries You may have

What are prerequisite for learning MongoDB Training ?
  • Sufficient in anyone programming Knowledge in JavaScript.
  • Basic Knowledge in JavaScript.
  • Good Knowledge in JSON as MongoDB is a Document store oriented.
  • Basic Knowledge of RDBMS will be helpful.
Why Credo Systemz for MongoDB Training?

You are not just going to learn MongoDB, You become a MongoDB Expert!!
We are not just make our candidates to learn MongoDB, They gonna work on a real time MongoDB project. End of the course they become MongoDB Expert and they will have their own project in hand.

What is the duration of MongoDB Training?

Approximately 30 hours but No Rush!

Before enrolling, Can I get any Free Class ?

Definitely !
Before enrolling to MongoDB training, You can attend a Free Demo Class, You can discuss with our Trainer and clarify your doubts at free of cost. Then you came to know about how we are differ from others.

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I have undergone MongoDB training in Velachery at Credo Systemz. MongoDB experience was very good and more informative. i learnt lot of information about MongoDb with real time examples. Our trainer was so patient and whenever we asked doubt he was ready to clarified it. Last day of my training my trainer conducted mock interview which really helpful to clear interviews confidently and helped me for Resume preparation also. Thank you Credo..

MongoDb Training in Chennai  
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Hai Everyone.. I am Bharani and i recently completed my MongoDB in Credo Systemz. I dont have any knowledge about MongoDB before joining Credo Systemz and now I am very strong in all topics of MongoDB. My trainer is very professional and well experienced person and gave both theoretical & Practical session. I would like to refer Credo Systemz as the best MongoDB training institute in chennai velachery.

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Credo Systemz is Good Software training Institute in Chennai and I have learned MongoDb training in this institute. My trainer have really great knowledge in MongoDb and he clear every concepts very clearly. The teaching method in Credo Systemz is practical oriented which helpful to do projects easily. Thank you Credo

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This is Selva and Completed my MongoDB Course in Credo Systemz. Credo Systemz is an awesome institution with well experienced tutors with best knowledge about MongoDB. The training full and full practical oriented and provided updated MongoDB course topics to all. After completion of my training i had best knowledge about MongoDB . I must recommended this Institute for MongoDB..

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I am very happy to say Credo Systemz is a best IT training institute & it was good experience to learn Mongodb course at Credo Systemz. My trainer having the great knowledge in MongoDB and shared out industry experience with us. He give examples for all topics so easy to understand the all concepts clearly. Whole Credo Systemz Staff are more supportive for placements and my training. Thank you Credo...

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