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Python Training in Madurai -Overview

Our Python course in Madurai at Credo Systemz is the No:1 Python course for learning the python programming language. This Course syllabus starts providing knowledge from scratch. The trainers are very supportive and follow the learning by doing approach.

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Python Real time projects

Real Time Projects

Advanced 15+ live projects that involve various Python concepts to gain practical experience through guidance.

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With the minimum of 60 hours, every session is handled to create better understanding of concepts with practice to gain coding skills.

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Professional Faculty

Learn from expert faculties with great industry exposure who are dedicated towards designing our Python curriculum and leading the course.

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Python Course Curriculum - Latest

Our Python training course in Madurai follows the advanced Python course syllabus. The Course content starts from scratch to advancement along with live practical examples. The Course Syllabus includes python programs,coding tips,projects and tricks. It is framed by expert trainers and reviewed to maintain the standard.

Section 1: Introduction

Learning Objective: In this section you will be introduced to Python and Its usage in Current Trend.
  • What’s python?
  • Why do people use python?
  • Some quotable quotes
  • A python history lesson
  • Advocacy news
  • What’s python good for?
  • What’s python not good for?
  • The compulsory features list
  • Python portability
  • On apples and oranges
  • Summary: why python?

Get detailed Python course content Download Curriculum

Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about different Interpreter tools to write and execute Python program.
  • Introduction to Sublime & Pycharm
  • Config Pycharm for Python Project
  • How Python Runs Programs
  • How You Run Programs
  • Configuration Details
  • Module Files: A First Look
  • The Idle Interface
  • Other Python Ides
  • Time To Start Coding
  • Lab Session 1
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the Python Program in text editor and execute from command prompt.
  • Writing the Python Program in Notebook and execute from Notebook.
  • Writing the Python Program in IDE and execute from IDE
Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about Different Data types and Variables in Python.
  • A First Pass
  • The ‘Big Picture’
  • Numbers
  • Dynamic Typing Interlude
  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • General Object Properties
  • Mutable vs Immutable
  • Summary: Python’s Type Hierarchies
  • Built-In Type Gotchas
  • Lab Session 2
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the program to expose all the Arithmetic Operators.
Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about Different Conditional, Looping statement and Data structure in Python.
  • Introduction to Reserved Keywords
  • General Syntax Concepts
  • Expressions
  • Print
  • If Selections
  • Python Syntax Rules
  • Documentation Sources Interlude
  • Truth Tests
  • While Loops
  • Break, Continue, Pass, And The Loop Else
  • For Loops
  • Comprehensions And Iterations
  • Loop Coding Techniques
  • Comprehensive Loop Examples
  • Basic Coding Gotchas
  • Preview: Program Unit Statements
  • Lab Session 3
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the program to expose more on Logical Programming
  • Example: Prime Number, Fibonacci series
  • Writing the Program to manipulate List, Tuple, Set and Dict
Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about Functions and their implementations in Python.
  • Function Basics
  • Scope Rules In Functions
  • More On “Global” (And “Nonlocal”)
  • More On “Return”
  • More On Argument Passing
  • Special Argument Matching Modes
  • Odds And Ends
  • Generator Expressions And Functions
  • Function Design Concepts
  • Functions Are Objects: Indirect Calls
  • Function Gotchas
  • Optional Case Study: Set Functions
  • Lab Session 4
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the module framework to implement calculator app.
Learning Objective: In this section you will be introduce to Object-Oriented programing in Python.
  • Module Basics
  • Module Files Are A Namespace
  • Name Qualification
  • Import Variants
  • Reloading Modules
  • Package Imports
  • Odds And Ends
  • Module Design Concepts
  • Modules Are Objects: Metaprograms
  • Module Gotchas
  • Optional Case Study: A Shared Stack Module
  • Lab Session 5
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the Object-Oriented programming to implement application.
Learning Objective: In this section you will be deep dive in to Class, Object and Method in Python.
  • Oops: The Big Picture
  • Class Basics
  • A More Realistic Example
  • Using The Class Statement
  • Using Class Methods
  • Customization Via Inheritance
  • Specializing Inherited Methods
  • Operator Overloading In Classes
  • Namespace Rules: The Whole Story
  • Oop Examples: Inheritance And Composition
  • Classes And Methods Are Objects
  • Odds And Ends
  • New Style Classes
  • Class Gotchas
  • Optional Case Study: A Set Class
  • Summary: Oop In Python
  • Lab Session 6
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the Object-Oriented programing to implement application.
Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about Exception and way to handle the exceptions in Python.
  • Exception Basics
  • First Examples
  • Exception Idioms
  • Exception Catching Modes
  • Class Exceptions
  • Exception Gotchas
  • Lab Session 7
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the program to handle the difference type of exceptions
Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about Build-in tools in Python.
  • The Secret Handshake
  • Debugging Options
  • Inspecting Name-Spaces
  • Dynamic Coding Tools
  • Timing And Profiling Python Programs
  • File Types And Packaging Options
  • Development Tools For Larger Projects
  • Summary: Python Tool-Set Layers
  • Lab Session 7 Continued
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the program to design the logic for Age Calculator.
  • Writing the program to design the logic for Guessing Game.
Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about how to make Python to interact with Operating Systems.
  • System Modules Overview
  • Running Shell Commands
  • Arguments, Streams, Shell Variables
  • File Tools
  • Directory Tools
  • Forking Processes
  • Thread Modules And Queues
  • The Subprocess And Multiprocessing Modules
  • Ipc Tools: Pipes, Sockets, Signals
  • Fork Vs Spawn
  • Larger Examples
  • Lab Session 8
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the program to read and write the data in text file.
  • Writing the program to read and write the data in json file.
  • Writing the program to read and write the data in csv file.
Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about to create the GUI application using TKinter in Python programming language.
  • Python Gui Options
  • Introduction of Tkinter
  • The Tkinter ‘Hello World’ Program
  • Adding Buttons, Frames, And Callbacks
  • Getting Input From A User
  • Assorted Tkinter Details
  • Building Guis By Subclassing Frames
  • Reusing Guis By Subclassing And Attaching
  • Advanced Widgets: Images, Grids, And More
  • Designing UI using QT4 Designer
  • Introduction to PySide2
  • Converting UI into Application Using PySide
  • Larger Examples
  • Tkinter Odds And Ends
  • Lab Session 8 Continued
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the program to design the GUI and logic for Age Calculator.
  • Writing the program to design the GUI and logic for Guessing Game.
  • Writing the program to design the GUI and logic for Digital Calculator.
Learning Objective:In this section you will be came to know about how to make Python to interact with Database.
  • Databases and Persistence
  • Object Persistence: Shelves
  • Storing Class Instances
  • Pickling Objects Without Shelves
  •  Using Simple Dbm Files
  • Shelve Gotchas
  • Zodb Object-Oriented Database
  • Python Sql Database Api
  • Persistence Odds And Ends
  •  Lab Session 9
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the program to Create the Table and Insert Data in it.
  • Writing the program to Read data from the Table and manipulate it.
Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about String manipulation in Python programming.
  • String Objects: Review
  • Splitting And Joining Strings
  • Regular Expressions
  • Parsing Languages
  • Lab Session 10
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the program to validate the User Name, Password, Mobile No and Mail Pattern.
Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about how to make Python to interact with SMTP.
  • Using Sockets In Python
  • The Ftp Module
  • Email Processing
  • Other Client-Side Tools
  • Building Web Sites With Python
  • Writing Server-Side Cgi Scripts
  • Jython: Python For Java Systems
  • Active Scripting And Com
  • Other Internet-Related Tools
  • Lab Session 11
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the program to send email to your friend using Python.
Learning Objective: In this section you will be came to know about the advanced topic introduced in Python 3.x.
  • Unicode Text And Binary Data
  • Managed Attributes
  • Decorators
  • Metaclasses
  • Context Managers
  • Python 3.X Changes
  • Lab Session 12
Hands-on Practicals:
  • Writing the program to create the wrapper class and use it for all the functions
  • Lab 1: Using The Interpreter
  • Lab 2: Types And Operators
  • Lab 3: Basic Statements
  • Lab 4: Functions
  • Lab 5: Modules
  • Lab 6: Classes
  • Lab 7: Exceptions And Built-In Tools
  • Lab 8: System Interfaces And Guis
  • Lab 9: Persistence
  • Lab 10: Text Processing And The Internet
  • Lab 11: Decorators And Metaclasses
  • Building the Credo Enquiry Form
  • Building the Registration form on submission the data should be stored in the DB .
  • Building the Login application and validating the user against the database .
  • Guessing Game
  • Date Of Birth Calculator
  • Calculate the monthly expenses of your credit card.
  • Rock Paper Scissors Game
  • Bank - ATM Operations

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    5+ Realtime Projects Covered in our Python Training in Madurai

    On the whole, our unique hands-on Python training program helps the candidates to be highly qualified Python Certified Professional in this industry.

    Project 1
    Bank - ATM Operations

    Developing the ATM transactions like checking balance, withdraw, and all other Banking process Using Python OOPS concepts and libraries.

    Project 2
    Calculate monthly expenses of your credit card

    Download the credit card statement in excel and develop the Python logic to read data from excel using openpyxl and calculate the monthly expenses .

    Project 3
    Guessing Game

    Develop the Guessing Game Using Python Random Package . The program should generate the random value between 1 to 100 and validate against user input .

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    Python Training Reviews

    Python reviews


    Python Developer

    I recently completed my Python training in Madurai at Credo Systemz and it is very satisfactory. My mentor is an expert code who helps me to start coding from day one of the training itself. Also,explained each concept very clearly with practical exercises. The Python training Curriculum covers all the up to date features. Credo Systemz is the best choice that I have made for Python course in chennai.

    Freshers Python reviews



    Even though I am a fresher, Credo Systemz made it possible for me to learn Python training in Madurai and transform me into a Python developer. Most importantly, the Python training syllabus starts every concept from basics which made it easy for me to learn. Credo Systemz provides placement assistance which helps me to get a job in Python stream. Finally I got my Dream Job as a Python Developer. Thanks to Credo Systemz and my trainer for the best Python trainin in Madurai.

    Web developer Python reviews


    Senior Web Developer

    Credo systemz is the best Python training institute in Madurai which helps me to complete the Python certification training with hands-on practical. Furthermore, this Python training upskills my knowledge with real world Python projects. Afterwards, With the help of Credo Systemz, I got placed in MNC using their interview updates, mock interviews and interview questions with tips. At the same time, Now I'm a Python developer. Thanks to Credo Systemz for this wonderful python training in Madurai

    Cloud solution architect python review


    Cloud Solution Architect

    I joined Python training in Madurai at Credo Systemz which is referred to by my friend and this is the right decision that I made. My Python training tutor teaches each concept in a detailed manner using real world examples. The Python training curriculum covers all the latest concepts which meet industrial standards. Thanks to my trainer who helps to complete the Python certification successfully.

    Hadoop developer Python reviews


    Hadoop Developer

    Python training in Madurai is a Practical oriented training program which helps aspirants like me to transform into a Python expert because of its unique syllabus, dedicated trainer and real world projects. My trainer teaches each concept that provides individual attention and helps to code basic programs to advanced projects. He shared his industrial experience and improved confidence that helps me to face the interview panel. Thank you

    AWS solution architect python review


    AWS Solution Architect

    The overall Python training experience is outstanding with an excellent and safe environment. My tutor covered all the topics in the syllabus and made me write code with confidence. The Python course in Madurai provides training up to the standard. I selected my comfortable timing and the periodic code review that enable me to Program effectively. The Python with AWS course has taken me to the next level along with my experience. Importantly, thanks to Credo Systemz for the Best Python programming language Training.

    Our Python Alumni Work At

    With happy note, thousands of our alumni at Credo Systemz are placed in the top multinational organisation which gives immense satisfaction

    And 1,000+ Tech Companies

    Python Interview Questions with Answers

    Helpful Python Interview Questions with Answers

    Common Job Interview Questions with Answers

    TCS Python Interview Questions

    Python Training in Madurai Overview

    This Best Python Certification in Madurai includes dedicated python training and career development. Placement support is the part of the training program using HR support. It is achieved by mock interviews, latest job details and interview questions & answers .

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    For Online and Classroom Training
    • At first our Python course in Madurai follows a unique python course curriculum framed by our expert trainer covering all the latest python concepts from scratch.
    • Moreover, our Python training in Madurai is handled by our Professional python experts with more than 13+ years of industrial experience.
    • Most importantly Python certification course in Madurai with placement is a practical oriented training course which helps to gain the skillset required for a Python developer with minimum of 60 hrs training.
    • However, Each Python session covers all the python concepts with Real-time project training using assessments, exercises, assignments and much more.
    • In other words, Our Python course helps to gain the skillset by understanding the python concepts, techniques with 50+ real world practicals.
    • During the Python classes you can gain the in-depth knowledge with 10+ real-time projects with the help of our trainer guidance.
    • Similarly, Periodic code review is conducted to assist the students in writing codes effectively under trainers support.
    • Therefore, Our Python trainers focus on the students with individual attention and support with the help of WhatsApp forum for each batch to discuss, clear doubts and quick enquiries.
    • Certainly, our placement team helps the students to grab the right job by sharing latest Interview Questions asked in top MNCs, Mock Interviews and much more.
    • To summarize, our Best Python Training institute in Madurai is a 100% placement assurance course and lifelong support for your career with the help of our trainers and placement team.
    • Strong foundation of Python with basic packages
    • Professional python skills
    • Live practical coding sessions
    • Certified Python trainers
    • Projects, assessments and code review
    • Placement support
    • First of all, Deep Knowledge in Core Python
    • Web Frameworks Overview
    • Following, to work with GUI Programming during our python training in Madurai
    • In the meantime, during our Python course in chennai, to learn Data Scientists Skills
    • Morever, Deep Knowledge in Multi-Process Architecture
    • Design, Analytics & Communication Skills
    • Above all, Knowledge in Python Event-Driven programming
    • First of all, Basic in-depth fundamental knowledge about python programming language.
    • To know about different Interpreter tools before coding.
    • Learn effective about Data type, variable, functions, statements using hands-on practical training.
    • Also, Learn about OOPS using python.
    • Always, a deep dive into Class, Object and Method in Python.
    • Way of handling different types of exceptions.
    • To know about built-in tools in python.
    • Most importantly, to know about how to make Python to interact with Operating Systems.
    • Mainly, GUI programming using Tkinter in Python.
    • Primarily, to know about how to make Python to interact with Databases.
    • In other words, to know about String manipulation in Python.
    • Evenmore, to know about how to make Python to interact with SMTP.
    • Importantly, To become a pro in advanced topics of python.

    First of all, Credo Systemz provides the best Python training in Madurai with real-time project scenarios. 5000+ candidates have uplifted their career with their dream job using Credo Systemz Python certification training. Morever, Our Python Training in Madurai program designed by python experts which is suitable for both fresher and experienced professionals. Also, We allow candidates to attend certification exams in our institute because Credo Systemz is one of the authorized Pearson Vue examination centres.

    Checkout: Complete Python Certification details(Latest updated 2023)

    Firstly, Credo Systemz is connected with many software companies that develop Python Applications to recruit our aspirants. Currently, our 2000+ Python Alumni work in our client companies. Our company partners are top MNC companies who are impressed with our Candidate's performance. So whenever they are in need of python developers, we will send our current Python Batch candidates to fill the places. In addition, Credo Systemz always assure training along with placement and strive hard to fulfill the same. Here we have listed out a few Python Openings in our Partner Companies.

    • At first, our aim is to transform the aspirant into a professional python developer so that you can gain vast knowledge in Python from basic to advanced level guided by our qualified Python Expert.
    • Secondly, become an Expert in all Statistics and Python scripts.
    • Also, During our Python training in Madurai you can realize why python is a useful scripting language for developers.
    • Proficient to define the structure and components of a Python Program.
    • Consequently, you can get the knowledge from the latest topics in Python Programming languages.
    • And also familiarity in the functions and modules.
    • Every python concept is explained using programs, real-world scenarios in our python training in Madurai.
    • During the training, each session involves assessments, code reviews which make sure you got the necessary theoretical, practical knowledge.
    • As a result, During our Python training in Madurai, you are a Master in Python Programming and Django framework.

    Here you can find many useful resources and infomation related to Python. We are frequently updating this section with many trending news about Python. Click on the below title to read to Article and gain more Knowledge in Python.

    • Software engineer
    • Python developer
    • Python web developer
    • Automation testing engineer
    • Data Scientist
    • Machine learning developer

    The scope of python is very high which is turn ensures the career opportunities and salary structures go hand in hand. Python salary scale is increased drastically based on skillset, location, experience, job role. According to the Python salary survey, below is the detailed report for Python jobs,

    Python Salary Details

    This high level interpreted Python programming is at first released in the year 1991, this open source programming language has been a huge success because of its various features like procedural, object-oriented and functional programming. The job opportunities of Python developer has been increased on a large scale because of its usability in other trending technologies such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Selenium Automation Tool.

    At Last, To meet this latest trend and to enhance your skills in these technologies we are providing special combo courses with Python which are listed down as follows,

    Recent Python Reviews

    Myself Ramya Mahesh Kumar. Having 1-year of experience as a software engineer at Techfoco Global service. I got an opportunity for a new project in Python field. Actually, I don't have any experience in Python, so I decided to learn Python training from the best provider and so I found Credo Systemz through a Facebook post. The python training syllabus was composed from very basic to advanced level concepts. - Ramya Mahesh Kumar, Software Engineer at Techfoco Global service
    I have done Python Training in Chennai @ Credo Systemz. My trainer having excellent knowledge about Python. They provide an amazing lab facility to work the programs. We were all given personal systems and trainers would help us with any small doubts. The batch is with flexible timings for all. The teaching was in-depth and way of teaching different from other places. - Arthi, Hadoop Developer at Virtusa

    About Our Python Instructor

    • First of all, our python trainers are industrial professionals working in MNC companies like CTS, Dell, TCS, Wipro etc.
    • Our Mentors are python developers with 15+ years of industrial experience.
    • Most importantly, Our trainers provide the best Python Course in Madurai. They follow a live practical oriented approach.
    • Trainers are determined towards professions knowledge sharing with placement support.
    • Our Mentors focus on completing syllabus with theory + practical sessions.
    • Also, Python trainers help in job oriented training using real time projects and code reviews.

    Python Training FAQ's

    To start the IT career, Python is the best choice with great popularity. Python is the programming language used in all the top trending technologies. It is used to perform tasks like

    • Automation
    • Data analysis
    • Application development
    • Web development
    • Game development
    • Data visualization and more
    With simple syntax, Python is the easiest programming language suitable for beginners.It has an easy syntax, semantics like the English language. Python is dynamically typed and requires fewer lines of code.

    Python is a general-purpose programming language used in the recent trending fields like,

    • Data Science
    • Machine learning
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Internet of things
    • Blockchain
    • Web development
    • SEO
    • Image processing

    As the demand increases, the future of Python is promising with drastic growth. Python popularity is high using huge libraries like NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib etc. According to upgrad survey, The average salary of a Python developer in India is ₹909,818 which minimum of ₹427,293 and reaches to a maximum of ₹1,150,000.

    Python is everywhere. We can't even imagine how widespread it is. According to the Survey, Python is one of the top 5 Programming languages of 2023 and 2nd most in demand programming language. Python is a general-purpose language and makes us to use Python for different applications. Also, Python is very easy to learn and use, it is the most preferable language and adapted by top companies. Due to the phenomenal Python features, most of the organizations prefer Python for their projects. Below are some important points to note Why Python is most used in the industry, these are.

    • Python Library
    • Code readable, Maintainable and Productivity
    • Open Source Framework
    • Python is also the scripting Language
    • In conclusion, Simple syntax, there is no complex code

    Python certification is one of the most popular trending certifications in information technology. In like manner, in this Python Certification Training, you will learn Python from scratch. Different levels of Python Certifications are given below,

    • Entry
    • Associate
    • Professional
    You can check the complete details here - Python Certification Updated (2023)

    The Python Developer Proudly says that the following Most Popular Websites using Python Language. Such as,

    • YouTube
    • Google
    • Instagram
    • Reddit
    • Spotify
    • Dropbox
    • Quora

    Credo Systemz offers 300+ trending Software Training Course using Expert level Instructors. We offer this Python training with placement in Madurai for aspirants using special features like,

    • Latest Updated Python Syllabus
    • More than 3000+ Certified happy Candidates
    • Real-time Practicals and projects
    • Certified Industry trainers
    • 100% Placement Assistance
    • Affordable fees structure

    After completion of your Python Training, You can develop any level of Python projects professionally. So you will become a qualified python developer successfully.

    First of all, Credo Systemz provide 100% placement assistance to you for your best career. During the mid-training process, we conduct mock interviews to figure out your Technical competence and to identify your area of Improvement. On the other hand, Credo Systemz assist you to improve your technical skills, interview confidence level and the necessary skills needed to transform you Python Developer. Also, we provides the top MNC companies sample interview questions with answers.

    There are no prerequisites necessary to learn Python. The only prerequisite is your Interest and passion to learn python since it’s very easy to learn.

    No hurries!! Select your preferred payment methods via Cash, Card, Cheque and UPI services.

    We provide python courses with great offers for freshers, students based on special events. To know about our exciting offers: Call us now: +919884412301 / +91 9600112302.

    Python is one of the top 10 programming language of 2023. The average Python developer salary in India is ₹79395. Now a days, the Python developer demand is So high. Join your Python training in chennai at Credo Systemz for your career growth

    Python is one of the evergreen, popular programming language. Likewise, there is always a huge market demand for python developer. it’s really worth it.

    You can contact via +91 9884412301 / 9600112302 or reach us via the contact form to book your seat in the upcoming Python training in chennai at Credo Systemz

    Attend the missed sessions in the upcoming Python training in Madurai. Our admin team arranges for compensation sessions.

    Please Call us now: +91 9884412301/ +91 9600112302 to get a clear idea about this course.

    Python Certification

    Credo Systemz’s standard Python certification helps the aspirants to show their advanced skills along with coding. It is global recognition across the world with Placement assistance.

    Download the certificate once you,
    • Complete our Python training program
    • After successfully Completing the Realtime Industry projects
    • Successful completion of assignments with assessment
    Benefits of Python Certification
    • To show the in-built knowledge with practical experience
    • To stand out with more weightage in the resume
    • To grab the dream job with career growth

    Related Courses

    Credo Systemz intend our Python course to upgrade your skills in the other domains as well. Credo Systemz’s Python training is more advanced with the latest updated topics. In addition to the enhanced Python programming language knowledge, they increase its usability in most trending technologies such as Hadoop and Data Science, Machine Learning.