FIDELITY – Python Interview Questions

Here is the list of Python Interview Questions which are recently asked in Fidelity company. These questions are included for both Freshers and Experienced professionals. Our Python Training has Answered all the below Questions.

  1. How to comment multiple lines in python?
  2. What are docstrings in Python?
  3. What is the usage of help() and dir() function in Python?
  4. What is a dictionary in Python?
  5. How can the ternary operators be used in python?
  6. What are the built-in types of python?
  7. What do you understand by the term PEP 8?
  8. What are Python Decorators?
  9. How can Python be an interpreted language?
  10. Explain the difference between local and global namespaces?
  11. Define generators in Python?
  12. How to add values to a python array?
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  14. What are Python libraries? Name a few of them.
  15. How to import modules in python?
  16. Explain Inheritance in Python with an example.
  17. How are classes created in Python?
  18. What is Polymorphism in Python?
  19. How can we debug a Python program?
  20. What is the difference between list and tuple in Python?
  21. How do you invoke the Python interpreter for interactive use?
  22. What is Python String format and Python String replace?
  23. How can we debug a Python program?
  24. Define encapsulation in Python?
  25. Write a program in Python to produce Star triangle.
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Here we listed all Python Interview Questions and Answers which are asked in Top MNCs. Periodically we update this page with recently asked Questions, please do visit our page often and be updated in Python.

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