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In today’s scenario, PMP certification and PMP training has become mandatory accreditation for almost all efficient managers. Every organization (including both private and government) employs their managers based on PMP (Project Management Professional) credentials.  These organizations strongly believe that one, who holds the PMP credential, will be equipped with necessary knowledge to handle the project and ensure the completion of the project in a fruitful way.

About PMP Course

Project Management Professional Certification
  • It will be more useful for the candidates just to understand the fundamentals of implementing standard processes and practices to be successful in their projects.
  • It helps the organizations in providing effective project management delivery, which reduces costs, reduces project duration and increases business value.
  • One important thing is it helps the candidates in their PMP exam preparation toward attaining a certification.
  • Candidates will be allowed to appear for 3 Mock Certification Exams Provided by CREDO SYSTEMZ. 
Project Management

Project Management is the process which involves initiating the Project, Planning the Project, Executing the Project, Monitoring, Controlling and Closing the Project. Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the topmost professional certification for project managers offered by the Project Management Institute. PMP certification is awarded to professionals who qualify in the PMP certification exam.

CREDO SYSTEMZ  is providing Best Project Management Courses Training in Chennai for the candidates who are looking for PMP Courses. Actually Trainers in CREDO SYSTEMZ are working professionals / industry experts who are having 15 Years of experience in IT industry as they can only provide real time training to the candidates. That’s why CREDO SYSTEMZ is very much Prominent for Best PMP Training in Chennai.

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PMP Eligibility Criteria


Educational Qualification

Project Management Experience

Project Management Education

In Years

In hours

In Contact hours


Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent)





Four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent)




PMP Course Details
  • 35 hours of interactive classes including regular mock tests. After successful completion, 35 contact hours certificate provided at the end of the training required for PMP exam.
  • Course is conducted by expert trainers through interactive classroom sessions for better exam preparation.
  • Free resources will be provided

Key Features

Training from
Industrial Experts


100% Placement

Expert Support

24 x 7
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Section1: Introduction – PMI, PMP and PMBOK

  • What is PMI, PMP, and PMBOK?
  • What do I get out of PMP?
  • How do I get certified?
  • Exam qualifications and PM experience
  • Guidelines to submit an application
  • PMP exam information
  • How do I maintain certification?
  • PMP costs and fees
  • Your commitments
  • Commitments from Credosystemz

Section2: Project Management Framework

    • Definition of a project
    • Characteristics of a project
    • Reasons for authorizing a project
    • What does a project create?
    • Some examples of projects
    • What is project management?
    • Project Vs Operations
    • What is Program management?
    • Portfolio Management
    • A relationship between projects, programs, portfolios and Operations management
    • Organizational structure and types
    • Project Management Office (PMO)
    • PMO types and functions
    • Role of a Project manager
    • Project manager’s sphere of influence
    • Project manager competencies
    • Leadership styles and personality
    • Project Lifecycles
    • Project phases and gates
    • Project management knowledge areas, process groups and processes
    • Project management Data and Information
    • Tailoring
    • Business Documents
    • Environmental influences
    • Project Governance
    • Some additional topics:

– Important roles of a project team
– Organization structure types comparison
– Project stakeholders
– Stakeholders and PM’s role

  • Quiz
  • Case Study1: Project, program, portfolio (Scenario will be given)

Section3: Project Integration Management

    • Project Integration Management overview
    • Project Integration Management processes
    • Project Integration Management processes mapped to Process Groups
    • Develop project charter

– Business case
– Project charter contents

    • Develop Project Management Plan

– Data gathering techniques
– Interpersonal and team skills
– Project management plan contents and documents

    • Direct and manage project work

– Deliverables

    • Manage Project Knowledge

– Lessons learned register
– Organizational process assets update

    • Monitor and Control Project Work

– Data Analysis techniques
– Work Performance reports

    • Perform Integrated change control

– Change control tools
– Decision-making techniques

    • Close Project or Phase

– Benefits management plan
– Final product, service or result transition
– Final report

  • Quiz
  • Exercise 1: Writing a project charter

Section4: Project Scope Management

    • Product scope and project scope
    • Project scope management processes
    • Scope in predictive vs adaptive environments
    • Plan Scope management

– Scope management plan
– Requirements management plan

    • Collect Requirements

– Decision-making techniques
– Data representation
– Requirements Documentation
– Requirements traceability matrix

    • Define Scope

– Project scope statement

    • Create Work Breakdown Structure

– Decomposition
– Work breakdown structure template
– Scope baseline

    • Validate scope

– Accepted deliverables

  • Control Scope
  • Quiz
  • Exercise 2: Writing a project scope statement

Section5: Project Schedule Management

    • Overview and processes
    • Plan Schedule management

– Schedule management plan

    • Define Activities

– Rolling wave planning
– Activity list
– Activity attributes

    • Sequence Activities

– Precedence Diagramming method
– Dependency determination and Integration
– Leads and Lags
– Project schedule network diagrams

    • Estimate Activity Durations

– Estimating techniques
– Reserve analysis
– Duration estimates
– Basis of estimates

    • Develop Schedule

– Schedule network analysis
– Critical Path Method
– Resource Optimization
– Schedule compression
– Agile release planning
– Project schedule
– Bar charts/Gantt charts

    • Control schedule

– Earned value analysis
– Iteration burndown chart
– Schedule forecasts

  • Quiz
  • Exercise 3: Calculate float and finding critical path

Section6: Project Cost Management

    • Overview and processes
    • Types of Costs
    • Cost estimates
    • Plan Cost management

– Cost management plan

    • Estimate Costs

– Estimating techniques
– Cost of quality
– Cost estimates

    • Determine Budget

– Contingency reserves and management reserves
– Cost aggregation
– Reserve analysis
– Funding limits reconciliation
– Cost baseline
– Project budget

    • Control Costs

– Earned value analysis
– Variance analysis
– Trend analysis
– Cost Forecasts

    • Some additional topics

– Opportunity cost
– Sunk cost
– Benefits Cost Ratio
– Net Present Value
– Present Value
– Internal Rate of Return
– Payback period
– Lifecycle Costs

  • Quiz
  • Exercise 4: Scenario-based problem sums
  • Case Study 2: Getting your project back on track (Scenario will be given)

Section7: Project Quality Management

    • Quality theories
    • Overview and processes
    • Plan Quality management

– Cost-benefit analysis
– Cost of quality
– Quality management plan
– Quality metrics

    • Manage Quality

– Quality assurance vs Quality control
– Data gathering – Checklists
– Data representation techniques
– Quality audits
– Quality improvement methods
– Quality reports

    • Control Quality

– Inspection and Testing/Product evaluation
– Control charts
– Verified deliverables

  • Some Quality terms
  • Quiz

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Section8: Project Resource Management

    • Overview and processes
    • Plan Resource management

– Hierarchical charts
– Assignment matrix (RACI chart)
– Resource management plan

    • Estimate Activity Resources

– Resource Breakdown Structure

    • Acquire Resources

– Multicriteria decision analysis
– Negotiation
– Resource calendars

    • Develop team

– Five stages of team development
– Rewards and recognition
– Team performance assessments

    • Manage team

– Conflict resolution techniques

    • Control Resources

– Problem-solving

  • Quiz

Section9: Project Communications Management

    • Overview and processes
    • Communication types
    • 5 C’s of communication
    • Plan Communication management

– Communication technology
– Communication models and methods
– Major forms of communication

    • Manage Communications

– Communication skills
– Project communications

  • Monitor Communications
  • Communication channels
  • Quiz

Section10: Project Risk Management

    • Overview and processes
    • Individual project risks and overall project risks
    • Plan Risk management

– Risk management plan
– Risk Breakdown structure
– Probability and Impact matrix

    • Identify Risks

– Data analysis
– Prompt Lists
– Risk register
– Risk report

    • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

– Assessment of risk parameters
– Risk categorization

    • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

– Representations of Uncertainty
– Data Analysis – Simulation, Sensitivity analysis, Decision tree analysis and Influence diagrams

    • Plan Risk responses

– Strategies of Threat and Opportunities
– Contingency response strategies

    • Implement Risk Responses
    • Monitor Risks

– Technical performance analysis
– Reserve analysis
– Audits

  • Quiz

Section11: Project Procurement Management

    • Overview and processes
    • Contract and features
    • Types of contracts
    • Plan Procurement management

– Procurement responsibilities and steps
– Source selection analysis
– Procurement strategy
– Bid documents
– Procurement SOW
– Make or buy decisions

    • Conduct Procurements

– Seller proposals
– Bidder conferences
– Proposal evaluation

    • Control Procurements

– Claims administration

  • Quiz

Section12: Project Stakeholder Management

    • Overview and processes
    • Identify Stakeholders

– Stakeholder analysis
– Stakeholder categorization techniques

    • Plan Stakeholder engagement

– Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix

    • Manage Stakeholder engagement

– Communication skills
– Interpersonal and team skills

  • Monitor Stakeholder engagement
  • Quiz
  • Case study 3: Stakeholder identification and engagement (Scenario will be given)

Section13: Professional and Social Responsibility

  • Benefits of code of conduct
  • Whom does the code apply?
  • Values
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • General terms

Section14: Agile Project Management

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Characteristics of Lifecycles
  • Hybrid approach
  • Tailoring
  • Agile practices and agile environment
  • Reports
  • Quiz

Queries you may have

Can I discuss with your PMP trainer before joining the course?

You can attend a free demo session with our trainer before joining itself. Our trainer will give you a complete overview about the course.
To book your free demo session please call us on +91- 9884412301.

What will be the fees for PMP Examination and How long it is valid?

PMP Certification examination fee is 555 USD, in Indian money it will be nearly 37K if you are not a member of PMI. If you are a member of PMI you need to pay 405 USD and in Indian money it will be nearly 27K.

How long my PMP Certification is valid?

Once you have successfully completed your PMP certification, you need to renew your certificate once in three years. For that purpose you need to collect 60 PDUs in the given 3 years of time.


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Benefits of PMP Certification Training

  • Helps in improving project management skills and knowledge
  • PMP Certified people earn 25% more salary than those without PMP Certification
  • Helps to increase your career opportunities by adding value to your CV and boost your marketability
  • Act as a differentiator against the competition.
  • Helps to improve your job efficiency
  • Helps to increase your self – confidence in handling the project.
  • It offers international acknowledgment and open doors to the global environment

Features of PMP Certification

CREDO SYSTEMZ offers the best PMP training in Chennai and the course covers all the necessary fundamentals and offers MOCK tests to get used to the testing environment.

PMP credential is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) for the persons who cleared the exam conducted by PMI. This PMP credential helps the individual to highlight among others, that the PMP certified individuals have the knowledge, education and proficiency to lead and direct projects. According to the Salary Survey conducted by PMI, this certification optimistically impacts project manager salaries.

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Best PMP training institute in Chennai  
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Hi, this is Kalyan, when I like to learn about PMP certification, my colleague suggested me about this Credo Systemz PMP training. I’m very impressed with the training methodology and good set of examples which help us to understand the concepts easily and I was happy to take this training which helped me a lot to gain confidence to get certified. Thanks to Credo.

“Great tutor and well organised course”  
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This is Azhar working as Tech lead in infy. I have attended PMP training in CREDO SYSTEMZ in Velachery 100ft road.

Mock examinations at the end of course held by the them is unique feature makes me clearing in the PMP certification. Training was very interactive with flexible timings. Thanks to CREDO SYSTEMZ!!

Overall, the quality of education was excellent!  
Author Picture

Trainer provided good examples during every session.. Wish this institute all success in their future endeavors. All the best, Credo.

I am taking PMP CERTIFICATION this month and am confident that I will clear my Exam and be PMP-certified. Thanks, Credo.

“Very professional with a good amount of guidance”  
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I did my PMP Certification training here, My Trainer is a very professional guy who used to guide the session with real time examples and issues which he faced in work as he is a professional Project Manager. The guidelines and the assignments which he provide gave a lot of confidence to do my PMP Certification.

I strongly recommend Credo Systemz for doing your PMP Certification in Velachery Chennai.

“Great course!”  
Ayaz Pasha   
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Good institute. Excellent trainer explained what is PMP compared to Primavera.
Trainer provided good examples during every session.

Wishes for CREDO Team to scale newer horizons going forward..

Great learning atmosphere.  
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I am a project manager in a top MNC and was looking for PMP certification they asked everyone in my organization to get certified ASAP. I gathered information about PMP training given in every training company in Chennai but finally I chose CREDO SYSTEMZ for their straight forward and simple approach towards coaching.
The training was friendlier and it was a great sharing of knowledge with the consultant. I finished my PMP certification training and preparing to appear for apply for PMP certification.

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