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DevOps training in Chennai at Credo Systemz is framed to enhance the skill set of an individual in DevOps. Development and Operations (DevOps) software culture is the fast-growing platform in the Information Technology field which makes both the development and operations easier.

Our DevOps certification course in Chennai guides you to be a professional DevOps developer by learning all the important concepts such as DevOps source code management tool, DevOps automation tools, DevOps with Kubernetes, DevOps container management tool, Puppet Configuration Management tool and important DevOps tools such as Ansible, Nagios and Chef.

The goal of our DevOps Training Institute in Chennai is to enhance and upgrade the skill set of the beginner level developer into a professional DevOps Engineer. On successfully completing this DevOps training in Chennai with placement assistance will guide to get placed in top IT firms in India. You can download the DevOps course content PDF below which has been framed by the experts in the industry.

About DevOps Course

What is DevOps?

DevOps is currently the popular software culture which is defined as the mixing of task performed by application development and systems operation teams. DevOps culture is used to strategically look the whole software development from integration, testing the application, releasing it to deployment and also its management.

The main goal of DevOps is to increase the deployment frequency, faster time in developing the software application, reduces the gap between development and operation, and lowers the failure rate, limited recovery time. The software application developed using this approach is good in efficiency, security and also easy maintaining the operation processes. Joining the DevOps course in Chennai will help you to learn the subject from scratch professionally.

Skills you’ll gain from this DevOps Course

As an individual once completing our DevOps certification training you’ll gain the necessary skills needed for a DevOps engineer and they are as follows,

  • Complete understanding about DevOps from scratch
  • Hands-on experience in handling the Software version control
  • Strong knowledge in the top DevOps tools with live practical
  • Handling DevOps Continuous Integration like a professional
  • Configuring Docker and working in its scripts
  • Working with Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Ansible and Nagios
Benefits of DevOps:

DevOps software development methodology is making a big effect on software development work culture in reducing the cost, increasing the process speed and more. The below image shows the benefits of DevOps
DevOps Benefits

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SECTION 1 – Introduction to DevOps Certification

  • What is DevOps?
  • Why DevOps?
  • Benefits of DevOps
  • Overview of DevOps

SECTION 2 – Provisioning

  • Vagrant – What is Vagrant – compare with Terraform and Docker
  • Installation and setup
  • Vagrant commands

Real-time Practicals
Create a ubuntu machine using vagrant
Shared folders
Install Apache and port forward.

SECTION 3 – DevOps Installation and setup

  • Installation of DevOps Tools
  • Installing the required tools Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Docker
  • Installing the Chef, Nagios, Maven

Real-time Practicals
All Devops tools setup

SECTION 3 – Software Version Control

  • Basics of Software Version Control
  • Complete concepts in Version Control Systems
  • Study about SCM, Command Line, CI tool Jenkins, SVN, CVS, Clearcase
  • Real time project study in Maven Project and Jenkins

Real-time Practicals
Create a git project
Checkout a branch
Create a file and add to git, Edit file, Commit the code,
Set up Jenkins and integrate with Git

SECTION 4 – Automating Build and Test

  • Basics about the Automating Builds – Maven, Ant
  • Overview of Jenkins Pipeline
  • Setting up continuous Delivery Pipeline using Jenkins
  • Building a continuous Delivery Pipeline Using Jenkins
  • DevOps Test Automation tools and framework
  • DevOps Testing Strategy

Real-time Practicals
Create a Maven Project
Edit pom.xml file
Set up build delivery pipeline
Set up notification alerts in Jenkins and Configure test plan in Jenkins

SECTION 5 – Continuous Integration(CI)

  • Study about DevOps Continuous Integration
  • DevOps Continuous Integration Tools Comparison
  • DevOps Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps Continuous Integration Pipeline, Jenkins, Testing
  • Benefits of DevOps Continuous Integration

Real-time Practicals
Commit code and check if Jenkins runs the build scripts and tests the code using automation script

SECTION 6 – Docker

  • What are Containers
  • Difference between VM and Container, Docker Fundamentals
  • Creating & Running Docker Images, Image Distribution
  • Creating Docker Registry, Compose Scripts, Remote Docker Image

Real-time Practicals
Configure a Docker,
Create an image in Docker and run it

SECTION 7 – Docker Commands and Best Practices.

  • Networking concepts in Docker
  • Using Docker Volume
  • Creation of a Dockerfile, a text file to contain the commands to create an image

Real-time Practicals
Create a dockerfile with the commands to create an image, Create the image

SECTION 8 – Containerization with Kubernetes

  • Introduction to Kubernetes, the cluster architecture of Kubernetes
  • creating a Kubernetes cluster
  • what is YAML, creating YAML with Kubernetes deployment
  • Kubernetes service, dashboard installation
  • Kubernetes rolling updates, using an app with the dashboard

SECTION 9 – Puppet Configuration Management Tool

  • Introduction to Puppet
  • Architecture of Puppet
  • Constructs of Puppet and the various terminologies in Puppet
  • Configuring Puppet
  • Using Puppet Manifests
  • Puppet commands

Real-time Practicals
Install Puppet, Configure puppet,
Use Knife commands for various operations

SECTION 10 – Chef

  • Chef Fundamentals,Chef environment, Chef Cookbooks & Knife Commands
  • Node Object & Search, Data-bags, Roles
  • Deploying Nodes in Production and using the Open Source Chef Server, Vagrant file

Real-time Practicals
Install a chef server
Configure a Vagrant file and setup directory structure to create and run a Chef server, Install a chef-workstation
Create a user account in website, Generate a knife.rb file from the website to create a chef server

SECTION 11 – Ansible

  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Configuration,Writing Ansible Playbooks
  • Ansible based Configuration Management
  • Different Roles
  • Command Line usage.

Real-time Practicals
Write Ansible playbook,
Assign different roles in configuration tool

SECTION 12 – Nagios – Performance and Automated Monitoring

  • Introduction of Nagios
  • Nagios Setup
  • Commands, Objects, notifications,
  • Configure Nagios to monitor webserver, Load Balancer (HAProxy, NginX), + Project 1 & project 2

Real-time Practicals
Perform Nagios and Netdata monitoring
Setup Syslog and verify the logs are getting generated,
Configure HAProxy server


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Learning Outcomes of our DevOps Training

  • Depth understanding of DevOps culture
  • Infrastructure management using Terraform
  • Configuration Management Using Ansible
  • Deployment using Dockers
  • Monitoring services using Nagios
  • Setup development or Testing environment using Vagrant
  • Continues integration using Jenkins
  • Overall understanding of CICD Pipeline

DevOps Course Highlights

  • DevOps course content specially designed by experts to up-skill the trainee as professional DevOps Engineer.
  • Most importantly our DevOps training in Chennai covers all the top used DevOps tools.
  • On the positive side, the complete DevOps Certification course has live projects and real-time case studies.
  • The main benefit of this DevOps training program is the session will start from complete scratch.
  • Especially DevOps training at Credo Systemz will be handled by the top experts in the industry.
  • Overall the main highlight of our DevOps course is the session will be like working in a live project.
  • On completing this DevOps training via classroom, online and corporate an individual will gain the overall skillset required to be a professional DevOps engineer.

Why Choose Us?

  • First of all, We are ranked as the BEST DevOps training institute in Chennai
  • We are providing DevOps training as a classroom, online and corporate
  • Preferred by fresher candidates for DevOps training in Chennai with Placement
  • You can find more than 500+ positive reviews for us in Google, Quora, and Facebook
  • Providing 24*7 support for the candidates through Whatsapp group
  • Separate placement team overviewed by 15+ years of experienced HR professionals for Placements
  • Above all, Providing 100% placement assistance report over the years

DevOps Training in Chennai with placement

Our DevOps course syllabus is framed by more than 8+ years of experienced real-time DevOps developers with live projects. Learning DevOps from scratch with practical guides you to be a professional DevOps developer and from that, you can easily get many numbers of job opportunities. The recent report says DevOps developer job is listed down in the 2018 highest paying tech jobs.

This DevOps training in Chennai is specially designed by experts in the industry to meet the expectations of the recruiter’s while applying for a job interview. Our placement team will help you from the very beginning of the certification program like resume building, updating the latest job opportunities, assisting you in personal skill development and more.

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Queries You may have

Do you also provide DevOps online training in Chennai?


Credo Systemz also provides the best DevOps training via online as well, The benefits of our online training are as follows,

  • DevOps classroom, online and corporate sessions are handled by the experts in the technology
  • Our peculiar project oriented training program helps you to feel like working in the live project through the online session as well
  • Each and every session is handled lively, You don’t need to worry about boring recorded session
  • DevOps online course starts from scratch by which you can understand the core of the technology clearly

To book a free online session please don’t hesitate to call us at the below numbers,

+91 9884412301 / 9600112302

Will you allow me to sit in your on-going session?

Sure, You can!

You can book a free demo session with our trainer, In that we will make you sit in the existing batch where you can understand the way of teaching of the trainer, discuss with our previous batch candidates to get their own feedback about our DevOps training and also you can have a counseling session with our placement team members.

Is this DevOps training program also has placement assistance?


We are providing 100% placement assistance with this DevOps course, Credo Systemz have peculiar placement team which is overviewed by the HR’s from top organizations. They will guide you from the beginning of the training program in resume building, conducting weekly assessment, separate Whatsapp group; latest job mails every week and mock interview at the end of the training.

Our trainers will also guide you in getting the official certification of the technology.


What is the pay scale of a DevOps developer?

According to the latest report of Payscale the average salary of a DevOps engineer is 618,282INRalso the highest number of job opportunities availablefor candidates from 1 to 4 years denoted as 63%.

What are the tools I will learn in this DevOps training program?

Our DevOps course covers all the important tools you should learn to be an expert DevOps engineer,

  • Docker
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Nagios
  • Kubernetes/li>
What are the combo courses available with DevOps?

We offer one of the best combo courses with DevOps which is a popular technology in the recent times,

For more details about the course, you can reach us at +91 9884412301 / 9600112302

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My Colleague referred me to join here for my DevOps certification training in Chennai, For the past 2 months, I had a good experience here with the faculties and management team. The teaching method of the trainer is very easy to understand the concepts clearly. Also, the placement team used to update us the latest jobs, interview questions for the interviews. As my friend did, I would recommend this DevOps course to everyone.

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Hi I am Nagavaralakshmi, recently completed my DevOps training in Credo Systemz OMR branch in the weekend session. I joined here by my friend’s referral with special offers, and now I like to say I will definitely refer my another friend to join here. The management team, admin team and the trainer here have a professional approach in handling the candidates whenever we approach them for help. Can able to reach the trainer at any time to clear our doubts, also he used concern in clearing our doubts. Worth spending the money and time here to attend this professional DevOps training program.

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Hello myself Karun Kumar from Andra Pradesh, I am working as a Java developer in Chennai for last 2 years and I am in need to develop my career in a trending technology hence I chose DevOps since it has more number of job opportunities currently. I joined in Credo Systemz DevOps course after reading their Google reviews from the alumni. In the 50 hours of training program we had real time practical for each and every concepts with live case studies. The positive approach from the trainer gave us more confidence and interest to learn this technology. I like to say, these guys providing the best DevOps course in Chennai and worth joining here.

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