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Protractor training in Chennai at Credo Systemz starts from the basics of JavaScript and includes all the important topics which enhance your career as a professional Protractor tester. Protractor automation tool is the one of the best tool do end to end testing in AngularJS. Learning Protractor testing tool in our institute helps you to gain the skill set which the recruiters expecting during the interview.

Protractor automation testing tool training in Chennai in our institute is named as the best training program by our nearly 50+ satisfied trainees in social Medias like Google, Facebook and Quora.

About Protractor Testing Course

What is Protractor Testing?

Protractor automation testing framework is the popularly used end to end testing framework for Angular and AngularJS application. The main purpose of using Protractor automation tool is to test application like a real user, the angular specific locator strategies allow you to test the specific elements without any further setup. Learning Protractor automation tool at Credo Systemz helps you to be a skillful tester of Angular applications.

Skills you’ll gain from this Protractor Testing Course
  • Complete hands-on knowledge in testing the end to end JavaScript & Angular applications
  • Strong knowledge in JavaScript form basics
  • Live project experience in Protractor testing tool
  • Well versed in Jasmine, AngularJS locators, Microsoft Edge Driver and more
  • Hands-on work experience in Protractor Docker & Selenium Grid Integration
  • Study about Data Driven Testing, Jenkins & Android Test Execution

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Section:1 – Protractor Introduction

  • Introduction to AngularJs
  • Introduction to Protractor course

Section:2 – Installation Procedure

  • Pre-requisites
  • Installing JDK and Node.JS
  • Installing Protractor on Windows
  • Running the first Protractor Test
  • Installing Eclipse and Turn plugin
  • Installing Visual Studio code editor
  • Protractor Snippets for VSCODE

Section:3 – Javascript Basics

  • Javascript – Defining Variables
  • Javascript – Variables and Concatenation
  • Javascript – Operators – Arithmetic, Incremental & Decremental operators
  • Javascript – Equality Operators
  • Javascript – Comparison and Logical operator
  • Javascript – Available DataTypes
  • Javascript – If and Else, Switch statements
  • Javascript – Functions
  • Javascript – For Loop
  • Javascript – While and Do While loop
  • Javascript – Break, Continue and Labels
  • Javascript – Arrays
  • Javascript – Var, Let and Const
  • Javascript – Objects and accessing members in another JS file

Section:4 – Protractor Basics

  • Understanding the Conf.js file
  • Understanding Describe and It blocks and writing test cases
  • Handling Dropdown list
  • Adding validations using Jasmine Expect
  • Handling Dropdown list – code
  • WebStorm Installation and integrating Protractor runner
  • Autosuggestions

Section:5 – Promises

  • How Protractor handle promises
  • More on Promises implementation through Javascript

Section:6 – Jasmine Basics

  • Introduction to Jasmine and basic features
  • BeforeEach and AfterEach
  • Expect toBe and not toBe
  • Expect toEqual, toMatch and not toEqual
  • Creating Test Suites and running selective / all test cases
  • Creating Test Suites and running selective / all test cases – code

Section:7 – Locators

  • About AngularJS Locators
  • By Model, By ClassName, By ButtonText
  • By Binding, By ID
  • By Repeater
  • By addLocators
  • Select Wrapper class

Section:8 – Microsoft Edge Driver

  • Configuring and Running test on Edge browser

Section:9 – Utilities


  • Generating Logs – winston NPM
  • Generating Allure Reports
  • Installing Maven and Generating HTML Reports
  • Sending Emails
  • Understanding Package.json file and it’s usage

Section:10 – Data Driven Testing

  • Reading data and locators through JSON files
  • Parameterization using Jasmine Data Providers
  • Reading Excel Files

Section:11 – E2E testing on AngularJS Banking Application

  • Automating Customer Login
  • Automating Bank Manager Login

Section:12 – Page Object Model – Framework (Live Project)

  • Introduction to Page Object Model
  • Creating Architecture and Adding business pages
  • Adding More Business Page and Test Cases
  • Adding the Page Object Model design pattern
  • Adding common Json file for Locators and TestData

Section:13 – Handling Non-Angular Elements

  • Automating a Login window
  • Handling tabs and popups

Section:14 – Android – Test execution on a Real Device

  • How to execute Protractor test on an Android device
  • Android Test Configuration

Section:15 – Jenkins – CI

  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Jenkins configuration
  • Understanding the Conf.js file

Section:16 – Protractor Docker & Selenium Grid integration

  • Integration with Selenium grid and docker to run parallel test
  • Docker installation and adding Selenium Grid containers
  • Docker compose with Parallel test execution on Multiple browsers
  • Resources for download from Docker section

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Am Krishnan, Recently I finished my Protractor Training course in Credo Systemz Training Institute located at Velachery. I have shifted to Protractor project in my organization now and really it is very useful now in my job. Trainers are more interactive with more practical sessions and also giving clarification by spending more time with us. Much appreciated trainer and the training community Credo Systemz. I strongly recommend this institute to Learn New Technologies. Keep rocking

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Myself Sophiya, Recently I completed my Protractor Training in this Institute, the trainers are the good learner and have a good experience. I'm fully satisfied with this training, all the topics are explained well in this training which covers all the latest updated information also, the session was very impressive and my trainer provided many practical classes which makes it easier to learn. Overall I like to thank Credo Systemz.
I would definitely recommend this institute.

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I am Aarthe working manual tester for past 8 months, to improve myself in the latest technologies chose Protractor course at Credo Systemz. I am glad that I had the training here, because of the trainer. He is such a wonderful person and cared for each candidate to clear their doubts before moving to the next topic. Well experienced on the subject and gave us a lot of hands-on projects to experience by ourselves. Thanks my trainer and Credo Systemz management team.


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