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Performance Engineering Training in Chennai – Credo Systemz the leading Software training institute located in Velachery Chennai now provides the BEST Performance Engineering Training with complete practical sessions handled by Experts. The Performace Engineering course topics we provide will be more than enough to develop your skillset in testing and to be a professional performance engineer.

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About Performance Engineering Course

What is Performance Engineering?

Performance Engineering a discipline which involves different techniques, systematic practices, and activities which takes place at each phase of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The required performance will be met by following this discipline. It focuses on Architecture, Design and Implementation to build the Performance standards.

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  • Performance Engineering -Introduction
  • Common Performance issues
  • Performance Mind map
  • Production traffic Analysis
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Performance Engineer
  • Performance Engineering Life Cycle


2.1 On Windows Servers

  • Detailed explanation about Windows system monitoring using Perfmon Counters
  • Perfmon – Configuring the counters with different aspects
  • Real time monitoring on Windows System
  • How to detect the CPU, Memory and Network performance issues from Perfmon

2.2 On Linux Servers

  • Detailed explanation about Linux System monitoring tools
  • Detailed understanding about Linux monitoring tools like Vmstat, iostat, top, free, netstat, etc.
  • Real time performance monitoring
  • How to detect the CPU, Memory and Network performance issues from Vmstat,Top,iostat,netstat,etc..


  • Different types of JVM
  • Detailed explanation about JVM Architecture Internals
  • Detailed explanation about JVM Heap Structure
  • Understanding the different types of Garbage collections techniques
  • Understanding the JVM thread pooling concepts
  • Detailed about JDBC connection pooling


4.1 JVM Performance Monitoring

  • Detailed understanding about JVM performance monitoring
  • How to Monitor Java Application using Open source tools(JConsole,JvisualVM)
  • How to monitor the Java application using commercial tools (Yourkit)

4.2 JVM Thread Thump Analysis

  • Basics of Thread dumps
  • How to collect the Java Thread dumps
  • Techniques to analyze Thread dumps
  • How to identify Performance patterns using Thread dumps
  • Java Thread dump Tools
  • Hands- On Training

4.3 JVM Garbage collection Analysis

  • Collecting the GC logs
  • Real-time GC monitoring
  • How to analyze the GC logs
  • How to detect memory leak related issues using GC logs

4.4 JVM OutofMemory Error Analysis

  • Understanding the Application performance issues due to memory constraints
  • Basics of Memory Leak
  • Different between Memory leak and OutofMemory issues
  • Basics of OutofMemory issues
  • Different patterns of JVM OutofMemory issues
  • How to identify the Memory Leak and OutofMemory issues
  • How to Collect heap dumps from JVM
  • How to analyze the Heap dumps using Eclipse MAT& JvisualVM


  • How to troubleshoot various Performance issues Patterns
  • High CPU due to code spinning
  • CPU Scalability due to blocked conditions
  • High Response time related issues
  • High Network retransmission latency
  • Memory leak & OutofMemory issues

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  • JProfiler
  • Yourkit
  • JvisualVM
  • Dynatrace APM & Ruxit


  • How to apply various techniques to fine-tune the Java applications
  • Techniques to Optimize the JVM performance


  • Real Time .Net Performance problems
  • .Net Performance Metrics
  • .Net Performance Measurement
  • .Net Memory Management
  • Understanding the different Garbage Collection modes
  • Analyzing Pause times in the .NET GC
  • Locking and Synchronization
  • Unnecessary logging
  • Major database issues
  • Techniques to Fine-tuning the IIS App-pool
  • Optimizing Performance Asp.Net Web applications


  • Oracle Database monitoring
  • Understanding the AWR,ASH,ADDM Reports and locating Database performance issues


  • Importance of Front end performance
  • Common Performance problems at front end
  • How Browser Rendering works
  • Critical Performance metrics at front end
  • Client side performance tools
    – Chrome Dev tools
    – Dynatrace Ajax
    – GTMetrix
  • How to optimize the Critical Rendering path
    – Put Stylesheet on Top
    – Put Javascripts down.
    – Reduce DNS lookup
    – Inline the JS and CSS (if its small in size)
    – Remove Duplicate Scripts
    – Make CSS & JS external
    – Prioritize the visible content( consider DEFER )
    – Served Scaled images
  • Optimizing the Content Efficiency
    – Minify the CSS & JS
    – Gzip Compression
    – Image compression
    – Browser level caching
    – Avoid Redirects
    – Use a content Delivery

Queries You may have

Is there any possibility to consult with you performance engineering trainer?

You can book a free consulting session with our Performance Engineering trainer. Also, you’ll be allowed to attend a free demo session in the existing batch and discuss with our candidates to understand our real-time Performance Engineering training.

What are the skill set I can gain after attending your Performance Engineering training program?

Our Performance Engineering certification training will help you get all the essential skillset you need as a Professional Performance Engineer. They are as follow,

  • Understanding the complex systems
  • Understanding the complex systems
  • Designing effective tests
  • Calculating the workload, Identifying the transactions and workflows
  • Automation the scripts for tests
  • Interpreting performance test results and more

Top Factors which makes us the Best Performace Engineering Training Institute in Chennai

  • First of all Credo Systemz’s focus on delivering the best Performance Engineering Training in Chennai.
  • Our Performance Engineering program is handled by 15+ years of the experienced testing expert in Chennai.
  • Most Noteworthy each concept is framed with the real-time testing project to gain the required skill set.
  • Professionally framed Performance Engineering testing course content by experts.
  • As a result, We are named as the best Performance Engineering training institute in Chennai.
  • Furthermore, the session includes Live Projects, Weekly Assessments, Mock Interview from top MNCs.
  • Join Our job oriented Performace Engineering course to be a Professional Tester.

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Performance Engineering Training  
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I am Jakthish, joined here as a Performance tester and after the training here I am currently working as a Test Engineer in Bharat Head Hunters. I am really happy to share this because I am 100% satisfied with the training here, Especially the trainer here is well experienced, he handled the session with live projects that helped me to learn the concepts during the session itself. Rather than course content I gained the skills from his experience. I like to thank him & Credo Systemz for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Thank You

Performance Engineering Course  
Pranav Kumar   
Author Picture

Hai, this is Pranav Kumar working as a Test Engineer at Bharat Head Hunters. I want to learn Performance Engineering for my career growth. So, I started to search about training centers in google,finally, i found Credo systemz,the reviews were too good. I decided to join here. They arranged demo session with a trainer. Trainer having 5+ years industry experience, they explained the Performance Engineering course syllabus with real time use cases. I am very much satisfied with demo session and joined here for Week end batch. Training was very interactive and discussed with many real time use cases. Each and every class was really useful to my career. My tutor was too good in test strategy. Now I had Sound knowledge in performance engineering. Thanks to my trainer. I refer Credo Systemz for anyone who is seeking to develop their career in Testing.

Performance Engineering training in chennai  
Ajay Charkravarthy   
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Hi I am Ajay Charkravarthy, Having more than 5+ years of experience in JMeter to enhance my career I like to learn Performance engineering and joined Credo Systemz’s Performance Engineering training program 2 months back. Now I have completed my training in Velachery branch. Happy to say the training here is worth the money you pay. The best part here is the experienced trainers and the management team is really concern about your 100% satisfaction. I can surely say you suggest Credo Systemz is the best training institute for Performance Engineering.

Best training institute for Performance Engineering  
Author Picture

Hello everyone, This is Deepika from Chennai I have recently completed my performance engineering training in Credo Systemz. About myself, I am working as a test lead in an MNC in Chennai. I joined for Performance engineering since I needed it for my upcoming project, I came here with an expectation to get real-time training and I have to say that I am completely satisfied with the training here, especially the trainer handled the session with real-time case studies from his own experience. 100% satisfied with the training, trainer, practical topics. Thank You Credo Systemz.

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