10 Best IT courses to learn in 2024


In accordance with the current stats for 2023, we have vast demand for IT certification & designation. About this, we have great demand for IT course certifications in the upcoming year 2024. In this blog, we have described the top 10 professional IT certifications which will pay literally higher in upcoming years. Before stepping into the actual topics, let’s have a glimpse of its advantages to bring you consistent support to acquire knowledge regarding IT Courses & their needs.

Advantages of taking part in IT certifications:

  • Versatile career opportunities and it helps you to gain IT skills & implement the latest technology in the changing field.
  • To improve the level of support and service.
  • The certification lets you shine unique with your competitors
  • It helps individuals to land their job or get promotions.

Before stepping into the 10 Best IT courses to learn in 2024 , let’s know the broad spectrum of courses:

  • Front end skills
  • Server-side Programming
  • Cloud Platforms

10 Best IT courses to learn in 2024:

1. Angular Web development & React JS

Angular web Development is the cloud-source framework that helps web developers to create clients’ web apps. Hence, those Web applications are generated using TypeScript. On the other hand, we have AngularJS which is denoted as a front-end Javascript-based framework. It is chiefly utilized to build requirements of single-page web applications (SPAs). Using this Angular development services, you can implement various projects like single-page apps, web portals, social media websites, and more.

On the other hand, React JS is the JavaScript library that lets the developers to generate a rich and interactive user interface via JavaScript, not HTML. It has a progression of view, model, and controller similar to the process of building an application.

2. Python (Django/Flask):

When it comes to Django and Flask are the common & popular frameworks of Python. You can expect vast uniqueness in both the sources and concerning your project requirement, we can utilize them for the perfect output. Hence, Django is a full-stack web framework, it can vastly be used for a large and complex web application. In contrast, Flask is a lightweight and extensible web framework.

3. Java and Spring Boot frameworks:

Java Spring Framework (Spring Framework) is a familiar open source, enterprise-level framework for making standalone, production-grade applications that access the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). In spring java, you visualize the Spring framework and Spring Boot, lets speedily have a difference between them. A Spring application would be used to Run an external servlet container or fixed server such as Apache Tomcat. Whereas, the Spring Boot is built on the Spring framework’s core.

4. Google Certified Professional (GCP) Cloud Architect:

This certification prepares IT professionals with the most demanding skills related to designing and managing a secure, high-performance & scalable Google Cloud architecture. If you own this certification, you have the best opportunities in organizations to fulfill their requirements based on operating dynamic, secure, and profitable cloud infrastructure. We have a prerequisite to take part in this course- individuals must be efficient at basics or advanced Google Cloud platform technologies.

5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect:

The attention-grabbing course is AWS, this gives you the platform to learn design, and deploy secure AWS Cloud infrastructure as per the principles that match customers’ necessities. It equally trains you to trail the lifecycle of the project by executing best practice guidelines.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

In specific, AWS certification has an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification program that shows your overall knowledge of AWS cloud tech. It is highly recommended for developers, IT Ops, DevOps, administrators, and cloud solution architects. Furthermore, AWS Certification will help you to identify documentation sources and learn technical assistance & core features of AWS technologies. Searching to take AWS Training at the best training institute in Chennai? we have Credos Systemz in Chennai which is leading the best in & around Chennai to shine uniquely. Register and complete your Amazon certification course & get recognized globally.

6. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

This Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification enables you with in-depth information that emphasizes the core characteristics of Azure cloud services which include security, acquiescence, and their underlying technologies. It is highly recommended for the applicant with non-technical background and work with the procurement, sales, and marketing of Microsoft’s cloud-based services. It is also represented as the initial step towards several role-based Azure certifications like Azure Administrator Associate. You can join Azure at the best training institute in Chennai at Credos Systemz.

7. Salesforce

To develop your interpersonal skills with IT-based courses, you can choose Salesforce simply to enhance project management & business growth. It is meant to be a revolutionary platform that is built among customer relationship management. Eventually, it helps to integrate and connect customers & businesses via dedicated practices & techniques that initiate sales at a higher rate. Looking for the best platform to learn Salesforce certification? Credos Systemz is the best spot to groom your skills

8. Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile:

Are you want to update your project skills to an advanced state to build complex projects? You can use PMP or Agile to bring out the best in project execution. It eventually helps to enhance the project managers’ professional practice and affirms for their suitability to lead larger and more complex projects. On the other hand, Agile can support you with alternative perceptive for your project management and software development, promoted by the Platform for Agile software development.

9. Data Science

Look for interdisciplinary skills, you can pick Data Science to merge with your business and to see raised profit. This helps to elevate the domain using the features like scientific methods, processes, algorithms, systems to abstract or generalize knowledge and insights from noisy, structured, and unstructured data. Various companies, looking for a resume that has a weightage in Data Science.

10. Blockchain

According to the current era, Blockchain stood up the best to bring out some requirements for the client’s satisfaction concerning the businesses. To know more, a blockchain is a type of database utilized to store and organize information. Moreover, blockchain helps to render the information digitally formatted and collected into clusters or blocks. In reference to the above-mentioned 10 best IT courses, we have one exclusive learning part that can add up unique skills to your businesses & knowledge aspects. Yeah, it’s Machine learning. Let’s have a quick look-up.

Machine learning

Machine learning is generalized from Artificial Intelligence, in which programmers support the machine to understand the work instead of Human interventions. Such collections of data and processes are known to be Machine learning. As per the current scenario, everyone needs this type of source to handle future years like 2024 and the following years.


Pick your passionate course and shine unique as the demand for the IT sector is more in upcoming years. On the other hand, other than these above-mentioned 10 Best IT courses to learn in 2024, we also have various best IT Courses that can bring a major difference for your career growth & business progression.