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Best Selenium Training in Chennai

Real Time Projects

Live project based on most of the selected use cases, involving the various methodologies of Automation Testing.

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Best Selenium Training in Chennai

Hands-on Assignments

All the sessions will have challenging practical assignments which makes you stronger in Selenium and Clear Interviews.

Training Assignments
Best Selenium Training in Chennai

Expert Faculty

Our Selenium curriculum has been specifically designed and delivered by our expert faculty who has great industry exposure.

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Best Selenium Training in Chennai

Lifetime Support & Access

Lifetime access to our LMS and Technical Forum for 24x7 online support team who will resolve all your technical queries.

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Best Selenium Training in Chennai

Assured Placement

Our dedicated Placement Team always touch with our client companies and find the right jobs for you until you get your Dream Job.

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Best Selenium Training in Chennai


Successful completion of the final project will get you certified as a Selenium Certified Professional by Credo Systemz.

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Selenium Training Course Content

Our Selenium Training in Chennai ensures effective training with our updated Selenium course content which covers all the necessary advanced testing concepts, techniques from scratch and the skill set needed for uplifting to a testing professional with Selenium, automation testing tools with Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC and Selenium Grid prepared by our testing expert trainers for successful career growth.

Chapter 1: Introduction - Automation Testing

  • Automation Testing
  • When Automation Testing is needed?
  • Use of Automation Testing
  • What are the Different Automation Tools available in the Market?
  • Difference between Selenium and QTP

Get detailed Selenium course content Download Curriculum

  • Installation of Java
  • Introduction to all predefined packages
  • Know More about JVM,JRE&JDK
  • What are the types of Variables?
  • Data Types in Java
  • OOPS
  • Class
  • Object
  • Local, Instance and static variables
  • Constructors
  • Methods
  • Arrays
  • What is This keyword
  • Final Keyword
  • what is inheritance and its Types
  • Working with super classes and subclasses
  • Super Keyword
  • Using types of polymorphism such as overloading, overriding, and dynamic binding
  • Define Abstraction
  • Define Encapsulation
  • Abstract classes
  • Define Interfaces
  • String Methods
  • Define Collections
  • Exception Handling
  • I/O using Java
  • What are Files ? (Create/Read/Write operations on files)
  • What is Selenium?
  • Define the advantages of Selenium
  • Explain the Architecture of Selenium WebDriver
  • Overview oh IDE
  • Overview oh RC
  • Define Selenium-Grid
  • What is Selenium Web Driver/Selenium 3.0
  • Installation of IDE
  • What is IDE icons
  • Recording your first test with IDE
  • IDE Context Menu
  • Define Assert
  • Define Verify
  • Adding IDE comments
  • Write your own IDE script without record and playback
  • Define Selenium Internal Architecture
  • Downloading web driver Jars configuring in eclipse
  • What are the Drivers for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera, Safariand HTML Unit Driver?
  • Difference between RC and WD
  • Installing and Configuring Eclipse for Web Driver
  • ID
  • What is name ?
  • Define Class Name
  • Define Link Text
  • Partial Link Text
  • What is X-Path?
  • What is Edit box?
  • What is Link?
  • Define Button
  • Define Checkbox
  • Define Radio Button
  • Whats is Drop Down Box?
  • what is Select value?
  • Display all values
  • Select values step by step
  • Capture screenshots
  • Synchronization Commands In Web Drive
  • Define Implicit wait
  • Define Explicit wait
  • Define Web Driver wait
  • File uploads and File downloads
  • Define Handling alerts
  • Handling confirmation messages
  • Define Keyboard actions
  • Define Mouse actions
  • Handling I frames
  • Handling multiple tabs
  • Define Handling popups
  • Preparing web driver test cases using customized x-path
  • Define Handling Web Tables
  • Interacting with Database
  • Interacting with Property File
  • Interacting with XML
  • Interacting with Excel
  • Installation of TestNG plug-in in Eclipse
  • Define TestNG Annotations
  • Define TestNG sample script
  • How Selenium testing script from scratch ?
  • How Creating Test suites using TestNG?
  • How Reports generation using TestNG?
  • Parameterized test cases using TestNG framework
  • Preparing TestNG Parallel Suite
  • Running test multiple times, depends on Methods,Grouping
  • TestNG Listener Sample Program
  • How to Set up Cucumber in Eclipse
  • About Feature,Step Definition and Runner Class
  • How to integrate Testng with Cucumber
  • Define Gherkin Keywords
  • Cucumber Options
  • Define Parameterization in Cucumber
  • Data Driven Testing using Examples Keyword and Data Table
  • Why Page Object Model & When it will be effective
  • What are POM Design Rules?
  • What are POM Implementation of Rules?
  • Implementation of testcases using POM framework
  • Installing Extent Report Plugin in Eclipse
  • Methods in Extent Report
  • Extent Report Implementation
  • Git Commands (Init, Git Commit, Git Pull, Git Push ..)
  • Git Hub Implementations
  • Define Maven Features
  • What are Maven Build Process and Dependencies ?
  • Maven Automation Project Build
  • Define Best Practices
  • Installation of Jenkins
  • Setup Maven Project in Jenkins
  • Schedule the build
  • Best Practices
  • Define Commerce Project
  • Define Travel Booking
  • Sample Banking Application

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    Selenium Realtime Projects Covered

    Our Automation Selenium hands-on training program helps the candidates to be highly qualified Automation Tester in Software Testing. Our course starts from very basic and covers all the prerequisites which include Core Java.

    Source Code Management

    Creating the Maven Job in Jenkins and Trigger the POM.xml based on every check-in that happens in Source Code Management and sending the test result to email distro after live e-commerce application validation.

    Banking Application

    Creating the Maven Project and add all the project dependencies. Step by Step implementation of Hybrid Framework for Live Banking Application using Page Object Model and Page Factory Design Pattern.

    E-Commerce Application

    Creating the Maven Project and add all the project dependencies. Step by Step implementation of Hybrid Framework for Live E-Commerce Application using Page Object Design Pattern with the help of BDD.

    Modes of Training

    Selenium Classroom Training

    Classroom/ Online Training

    Instructor Led Classroom/ live Training
    Selenium Online Training

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    Best Selenium Training in Chennai Reviews

    Selenium Training Reviews

    Arun Prasad


    I have recently joined the Manual and Selenium course with Credo Systemz, which was seamlessly organized. The training materials were easy to understand and relate to my current work. All the sessions were thoroughly and clearly explained by the trainer. His real-life scenario examples were relatable to the topics being discussed. I strongly recommend Credo Systemz and Testing course to others.

    Automation Test Engineer Selenium Review

    Nithya Sri


    As a beginner, I aspired to enter the automation testing field with Selenium tools. Selenium classes in Chennai at Credo Systemz assisted using advanced testing training with selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid and TestNG. The Placement team provides Selenium automation testing with job oriented support. I recommend Automation testing certification courses at Credo Systemz which is suitable for all aspirants.

    Senior Automation Engineer Selenium Review


    Senior Automation Engineer

    I am Kalpana. I got an opportunity in a new project for Selenium in Chennai. I started searching Best Selenium training in Chennai. After attending a Free demo session, I found CREDO SYSTEMZ to be reliable, genuine and professional. They are very transparent in their functioning and approach. They taught me Java for 5 classes after which I was able to write test cases on my own.

    Automation Test Engineer Selenium Review


    Automation Test Engineer

    Upgrading my professional skill with Selenium at Credo systemz is truly an enriching experience. Also, I would be glad to recommend this to my friends who are looking for a breakthrough in their career. Faculty member mentioning Mr. Mathan helped me in understanding the basics and criticalities of the tool and the importance of it in the industry No doubt, Credo Systemz was my right choice.

    Selenium Training Freshers Review



    Attended Demo with Mathan for manual and Selenium and joined at Credo Systemz. From day one step by step examples and execution made me passionate about testing. I learned Java & Selenium Automation testing with clear examples. Also, the placement team helps me to schedule Interviews, Mock Interviews and resume preparations. Thank you Mathan & Credo Systemz!

    Selenium Training Freshers Review

    Thoulath Banu


    2. I have successfully completed Selenium training at the best selenium training institute in Chennai.The selenium certification at Credo systemz is globally accepted in which the trainers explain every testing concept clearly with real time examples. This selenium course provides mock interviews, previous interview Q & A that increase my confidence and assisted me in getting placed in my dream testing job.

    QA Automation Tester Selenium Review

    Arivu selvan

    QA Automation Tester - Selenium

    Hi, this is Arivu, working for MNC in Singapore; I Planned to learn Selenium Training, so initially I searched for Selenium Training in Singapore which is bit costly but at the same time quality is also not good, so I had decided to take Online Training for selenium automation training. I had attended the Free Demo Session provided by CREDO SYSTEMZ and I was very much impressed. Training is Simply Superb.

    Junior Automation Tester Selenium Review


    Junior Automation Tester

    I joined CREDO took up the Selenium webdriver course, as a manual tester I know some basic stuff of testing. Also, my tutor explained to me a lot about the Selenium tool with full of practical sessions & real-time scenarios. He gave me some study materials also. Friendly tutor & good environment to learn. Totally the training was worth for money my precious time. Thanks to CREDO SYSTEMZ.

    Career Transition Testimonial's


    Our Alumni Work At

    Credo Systemz has placed thousands of Selenium students in multiple top multinational organization,
    Our Alumni make us proud and keep referring to our Selenium course completed students.

    And 1,000+ Tech Companies

    Selenium Training Placements
    Best Selenium Training in chennai
    Best Selenium Training in chennai
    Selenium training in chennai with placements
    Best Selenium Training in chennai
    Selenium training in chennai with placements
    Selenium Course and Placements in Chennai

    Selenium Tools Covered


    Selenium Training in Chennai Overview

    Our Selenium course in Chennai teaches every testing concept from basic to very advanced level in a practical manner. Every section of our Selenium Training includes complete testing knowledge and skill set, techniques to meet the industrial expert. Every topic starts with a theory, explained with hands-on training, make yourself a test, use tools with confidence. As a matter of fact, our Best Selenium Training in Chennai is in demand where your expected meets the reality standards.

    Talk to Us

    For Online and Classroom Training

    Our Selenium Training in Chennai aims at practical oriented, in-built knowledge development about Selenium automation testing. This Selenium Course syllabus starts from scratch to Advanced level that includes Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid. We provide industrial professionals to master the selenium skills using hands-on practices.
    This Best Selenium Training in Chennai with Placement is Job oriented Selenium training with lifetime support. Our Selenium Certification in Chennai provides Live Automation Testing projects and Career guidance. Our Trainers ensure individual attention to the aspirants to enhance their career path.

    Firstly, Selenium is one of the popular automation testing tool which is widely used to test all kind of web applications. The Selenium tool mainly used for automating web browsers. Selenium is also defined as the set of various tools to automate different web applications. On the other hand, the different tools include Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC and Selenium Grid. Mostly all web browsers support Selenium by adding it in their browser by default.

    Selenium Automation testing tool is used all over the world since it is effective and also open source. According to the latest survey Selenium automation testing tool is used by 70% of companies and also the growth of automation testing increased while comparing to the previous years. Selenium is also named in the Top Trending Software Technologies 2023.

    NO HARD!Good knowledge in Java can be very helpful if you really want to learn Selenium. In 45 to 50 Hours of course duration, you will become an Expert in Selenium Automation. Our Selenium testing course in Chennai assists you to learn Selenium easily from scratch into advanced level.

    Our Selenium training in Chennai ensure the aspirants gains the following learning outcomes with utmost dedication and expert guidance and they are,

    • To Gain the essential knowledge in Manual Testing and Test Automation for Software Professionals.
    • Ensure in learning to build the data-driven test and the concept of Selenium API.
    • To Build consistent and maintainable tests with Selenium WebDriver API.
    • Acquiring expert knowledge in functional and regression testing.
    • Understanding the selenium architecture and its components.
    • After that, Gaining knowledge of the Java-based Test Script Development.
    • Besides, to gain professional level knowledge in Selenium Web driver.
    • Learning to Develop, Test and Execute Automation scripts frameworks.
    • Well known in handling Troubleshoot automation failures and making code fixes.
    • After all, Opportunity to learn and become more proficient in managing Automation teams.

    Selenium Online Training course focuses on skills development to become selenium professional.The online course is handled by experienced industrial trainers. The syllabus starts from the basics of automation testing. The course follows practical training,live projects and placement support.
    After the completion of Selenium Online Training, you will become a certified Selenium professional with Credo Systemz certification,you will land in the selenium automation test engineer jobs.

    Basically, Selenium is the Open Source Functional Automation Testing Tool which was developed by Thought Works. Selenium supports different languages and also it supports different Operating Systems that is why it is being used in most of the IT Companies. Now it's a Best Automation Testing tool and all the manual testers have started to learn Selenium Testing. Check here the Latest Job Opportunities.

    If you are ready to become an expert in software testing and to expertise at an advanced level then selenium is the right choice to begin using our Selenium Course in Chennai. Selenium is the most in demand, used platform compatible with many browsers, programming languages. Furthermore, tech research giant Gartner has reported that Selenium is the highest adoption rate in open-source automation testing tools. Many Top companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc., also prefer Selenium for their automation testing.

    Credo Systemz offers 300+ IT Software Training Courses in both Velachery and OMR branches which follows practical oriented approach starting from basics of automation with Java. Selenium Course in Chennai assists the aspiring professionals by providing with the best experts.

    • First of all, Selenium course in Chennai provides concepts from basic to Advanced level with Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC and Selenium Grid with more than 3000+ Certified and trained Candidates.
    • Importantly, to update the knowledge and skill set using effective training in Selenium Training Chennai.
    • Secondly, selenium trainer has more than 15+ years of experience who are dedicated towards sharing their knowledge in the Automation Testing field.
    • Most noteworthy, 100% Selenium jobs - Placement based Selenium Course in Chennai for aspirants with career guidance using mock interviews, interview tips.
    • Especially our Selenium testing Course in Chennai follows the standard course content framed by our trainers using Practical Assignments, Assessments, code review, and real time projects.
    • While learning the Selenium course in Chennai, each student receives attention with compact batch size along with affordable fees.
    • Effectively, Credo Systemz offers Selenium classes in Chennai with class room training, corporate training, and online training with flexible timing.
    • To add more, Special care will be taken for the Freshers during Selenium Training Chennai with offers.
    • As a result, we stand out as the Standard Selenium Training course with expert trainer in Chennai as the Best Selenium Training Center in Chennai based on the positive social media Reviews.

    The few different job roles of Selenium automation testing professionals are,

    Selenium Course and Placement in Chennai

    The average Selenium salary in India is around 1,950,000 per annum which depends on various factors like job location, experience, education and certifications. The salary range of Selenium professionals is between 1,000,000 per annum to 4,200,000 per annum. In short, it is a high paying job with enormous scope in the future. so start your successful career with the help of Our Selenium Certification training in Chennai.

    Our Selenium Instructors - Industry Experts

    Credo systemz ensures to provide industrial experts as trainers with the following qualities who uplift our Selenium Course in Chennai to the next level.

    • Our trainers are professionals in selenium platform who are part of global IT firms with 15+ years of experience and very dedicated towards training.
    • Trainer ensures quality training with in depth theoretical knowledge with the help of practical training with real time projects to the aspirants.
    • Mentors ensure interactive sessions along with assessments and code reviews thereby assure the aspirants uplift the required skills.
    • Our Trainers are friendly and provide individual attention to each aspirant along with sharing industrial experience.
    • Trainer upskills the aspirant’s knowledge to gain skill set up to the industrial standard.
    • Our Mentors are always readily available to the trainees and clarify their doubts whenever it is needed.
    • In conclusion, Our trainers assist the aspirants In resume building, interview process and lifetime support for career guidance.

    Selenium Training FAQ's

    Yes, after the completion of Selenium Automation training, you will be a skilful Selenium tester who can automate the Project using Selenium on your own without anyone’s guidance/support. In the same way, you will be able to crack the Selenium Automation Interview with joining the Selenium placement training and Certification course in chennai.

    After the course completion, we will conduct Three Mock Interviews. In the Three Mock Interviews, We will figure out your Technical competence and where you need to Improve. So after the Mock Interviews, You will have a Clear Vision and moreover, it will Increase your Confident Level.

    Sample Resume formats for All different Technologies.

    Our Selenium Training in Chennai provides a global selenium certification that helps to express the knowledge, skill set of aspirants with practical experience. It is very helpful to promote the weightage of resumes and social profiles.

    Credo Systemz is one of the best institutes in Chennai to master Selenium open source tool. The Selenium course in Chennai offers the in-built knowledge to succeed in the field of software testing and quality assurance. Join Credo Systemz to avail the below benefits,

    • Professional Trainers
    • Standard Industrial Syllabus
    • Practical Training
    • Real world projects
    • Mock interview
    • Placement support
    • Global Certification

    Our Selenium certification training in chennai is the best placement oriented selenium course. We offer practical training to become expertise in selenium automation testing. This Selenium training ensure,

    • Mock interview
    • Interview assistance
    • Interview questions and answers
    • Real time projects
    • Certification
    • Latest Job info
    • Lifetime support

    To know about our exciting offers, concessions and group discounts. Call us now: + 91 9884412301 / + 91 9600112302.

    The career scope after Selenium training is promising and offers various opportunities in the field of software testing, quality assurance, and automation engineering.

    No Prerequisites are needed to join Our Selenium training in Chennai. Our Professional Trainers provide an industrial standard Selenium course from scratch. This Selenium course covers the essential aspects of Selenium tool from basic to advance concepts.

    You can attend your missed sessions with upcoming Selenium batches. Our admin team arranges a compensation session within the batch or the next available batch. Also, we provide a recorded video of our live session for your reference.

    Feel free to enquire more. Mail us or Call us now: + 91 9884412301 / + 91 9600112302

    Selenium Certification

    Credo Systemz’s standard selenium certification showcases the advanced testing skillset with industrial recognition globally.

    Download the certification once you,
    • Complete the Selenium training course in Chennai
    • After successful Completion of Real time testing projects
    • Successful completion of given assessments
    Benefits of our Selenium certification training,
    • High Paying job to a highest around Rs. 5,100,000 per annum
    • More opportunities as 50% of employees from different roles require selenium knowledge
    • 100% guarantee job globally in top MNC companies

    Related Courses

    We intend our Selenium course to upgrade your skills in the testing domain. The job offers of Automation Testing are highly increased with competitive salaries. Besides, credo Systemz’s Selenium training in Chennai is more dynamic with the latest updated topics. In addition to the enhanced Selenium automation skills, they increase its usability in most trending technologies such as JMeter and Loadrunner.

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