Accenture – Selenium Interview Questions

  1. Can you brief about yourself.
  2. What is the difference between hashmap and hashtable?
  3. Difference between stringbuffer and string classes?
  4. What is testing?
  5. What are different types of testing?
  6. What are the types of testing you know apart from functional and performance testing?
  7. What is security testing?
  8. Where would you see yourself in the next 2 years?
  9. What is compatability testing.?
  10. What is code coverage?
  11. Why are you looking for change?
  12. What are your achievements in your project?
  13. What are the challenges you had in your project?
  14. How would rate yourself in java out of 5.
  15. What is garbage collector in java?
  16. How do you achieve multiple inheritance in java?
  17. What is the difference between interface and abstract class?
  18. My application is dynamic in nature including objects
  19. Write a program to find the prime number.
  20. Some questions of reasoning, probability.
  21. How do you update your knowledge?
  22. What is STLC?
  23. Can you tell me the output of each component in STLC.
  24. Have you done anything innovative in the past 3 years for which you felt very happy?
  25. What tools you use in QA automation?
  26. What is selenium?
  27. Explain about your selenium framework.
  28. What is the repositry you have used for objects in framework?
  29. Can you write a sample webdriver script for login functionality of gmail.
  30. What are the different annotations in Testing?
  31. What is the use of @BeforeTest annotation?
  32. How do you access the methods in TestNG class file along with parameters?
  33. I have a package which has 10 class files, would like to run first 6 class files in parallel and rest 4 in sequential how do you that?
  34. Write the structure of TestNG xml file for the above scenario with parallel value as “tests” and “classes”.
  35. How do you do parameterization in testing?
  36. How is dataprovider different from passing parameters from testng xml file?
  37. How do you handle dependency tests cases in testing?
  38. Write codes for the following:
    • Check if the given string is palindrome or not.
    • Check if the given integer is palindrome or not.
    • Write a sample code for hashmap and hashtable.
    • Write a sample code for threads
  39. Given an array int a[] = int a{1,2,2,3,4,4,5,5,6,7}
    • Check if the given string is palindrome or not.
    • Check if the given integer is palindrome or not.