HCL – Selenium Interview Questions

  1. Explain the Framework you are using
  2. What is data driven framework
  3. Where the test data will be stored in the FW?
  4. Components of Framework
  5. How to count the links available in the form?
  6. Different types of locators. Which locator is your preference and why?
  7. Syntax of Xpath and cssSelector
  8. In what format you are giving your report to client
  9. Conversion process of Testing report to XSLT
  10. Processor used in report
  11. How to handle Authentication window?
  12. How to handle multiple window?
  13. Challenges faced in your automation project and how you overcome those
  14. How to handle complex interaction – Action class?
  15. What kind of Frame work using in your organization?
  16. Explain about your framework architecure?
  17. Where did you stored all kind of xpaths in your framework?
  18. What is the HUB & Node?
  19. How do you run your test using a framework?
  20. Write the xpath?
  21. How to handle alerts using web driver?
  22. How to identify two fields(Radio button) in a page with same id?
  23. How to write a xpaths for Dynamic web pages? (like facebook status, Filpakarts)
  24. Junit – how do you used in projects?
  25. Junit – how do you used in projects?
  26. How do you handle popup windows in your projects?
  27. Why is Java platform/OS independent?
  28. Have you used collections in your code?
  29. What is the difference between Implicit and Explicit wait?
  30. Write any sample code — Fibonacci series … Scenario —
  31. I have three unique buttons in my page.(Display names are different)
  32. The internal ID & Name changes on every page load.
  33. I need to click on each button in sequence.
  34. Write a prog to find the largest of 3 numbers
  35. Write a program to obtain the ipaddress from the user and chk if the ipaddress is valid or not
  36. Write a program to chk if u hav received mail from hcl using webtable
  37. Ur project architecture
  38. Diff between hashmap and hashtable?
  39. What is serialization?
  40. What is anonymous class?
  41. How to create a immutable class?
  42. Challenges faced in selenium
  43. How will u locate the dynamic objects in a webpage?
  44. Prog to reverse a string
  45. Obtain the number of chars in a text file
  46. Obtain the number of chars in a text file
  47. Read a property file
  48. How to handle ajax alerts and frames?
  49. Write a java program, to swap without using 3rd variable?
  50. Write a Java program to read text from a file and display it.
  51. Write a Java program to get file name from the given string.
  52. Str = “C:\Programs\TextFile.txt”
  53. Write a sql sub query to join Employee(T1, T2, T3) and return the table 3 values
  54. Write a selenium script to print the table values? Table is like 3X3 table with values A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.