Wipro Selenium Interview Questions

Round 1:
  1. Tell about Yourself.
  2. Automation experience in your project
  3. What is Xpath? and Write Xpath for given scenario. [Navigate upwards]
  4. Write xpath of two text boxes which don’t have any locators to find.
  5. How to select value from Dropdown?
  6. What are the Waits in selenium and explain briefly. Write code of each. [ImplicitlyWait, Sleep, WebdriverWait]
  7. Exception Handling. Write code for given scenario.
  8. Use “Throws” keyword.
  9. Use of “Finally” keyword
  10. Diff – ‘Final’ & ‘finally’
  11. Diff – ‘List’ & ‘Set’
  12. Diff – ‘Abstract Class’ & ‘Interface’ with Code
  13. POM
  14. Page Factory
  15. Did you develop any Framework?
  16. How to take screenshot – Code?
  17. Real time experience in BUILD tool [Apache Ant or Maven]
  18. Version Controlling
  19. Member access modifiers
  20. Diff – ‘Array’ & ‘ArrayList’
  21. How to Sort using ‘Collection
Round 2:
  1. What kind of framework you have worked? Explain it?
  2. Write xpath to locate the div that has no tags?
  3. How will you run Smoke test cases seperately?
  4. Explain about static and final key words?
  5. Explain about interface and abstract class? Why interface than abstract class?
  6. Do you know collections in java?
  7. Write a program to loop through Arraylist?
  8. “09/24/2015”. seperate numbers only from this string.
  9. What is the difference between Commit and Push in Github?
  10. Writer a program to keep current browser but close other browsers?
  11. There are three webelements having same property. Write a program to go to third one?
  12. How will you push your code to server in github?
  13. Brief about your automation testing experience?
  14. What is protected access modifier?
  15. Do you know Page object model framework and Pagefactory?
  16. Write script to drag drop a text box?*9
Round 3:
  1. Write a program to find occurrence of every characters in following string:String s = ‘Welcome to Wipro”;
  2. Have you worked on Page object model framework?
  3. Implicit and explicit wait. difference?
  4. Thread.sleep and Thread.wait. difference?
  5. Inerface and Abstract class. difference?
  6. Why interface than abstract class
  7. How will you manage build?
  8. What is the purpose of using Maven?
  9. I am facing an error says ‘Fast forward’ while pusing my code to server in Github. How to resolve it/
  10. How will you push your code to server in github?
  11. How will you handle popups?
  12. How will you run a machine in grid?