Aspire – Selenium Interview Questions

  1. What are the activities you are doing in your project?
  2. Which frame work you are using?
  3. Tell me about the traceability matrix?
  4. Recursive functionality possible using Selenium IDE ?
  5. SOAP UI – Could a output response obtained from one XML can be used as input for invoking other XML?
  6. Write test cases for a scenario – eg.entering address
  7. Framework – type/flow/structure?
  8. Relative xpath – 3 nodes with same id value , 3rd node having additional character “xyz” – how to find relative xpath for the 3rd node?
  9. SQL – Inner join related query
  10. Structure of the framework?
  11. Where to keep your script files?
  12. What approach you are using for selenium ?
  13. Can we do file upload thru selenium?
  14. Can we able to locate excel file in a system thru selenium?
  15. What is test plan & test strategy?
  16. Tomorrow your project delivery.Today your onsite co-ordinator saying that you missed one functionality?Then what will be your reply to him and your manager?
  17. Write a program to reverse a number(eg. 1234 to 4321) without using modulus operator.
  18. From the below diagram find the sum greater value of the side and print that.