Altimetrik – Selenium Interview Questions

  1. What is Interface and Abstractclass?
  2. String and Stringbuffer�
  3. string a =””; string a= “”;
  4. Difference between jvm and jre
  5. Difference between hashset and hashtable.
  6. Difference between arraylist and array.
  7. Use of set – collection
  8. Method overloading and Method overriding
  9. Meaning of Polymorpism.
  10. Assert and Verify and WaitFor
  11. Meaning of super keyword
  12. Find links and Manipulation
  13. Print data in IDE – echo
  14. Is string immutable?
  15. STLC life cycle.
  16. If you are getting a showstopper a day before delivery what would you be doing?
  17. What ways you can declare string?
  18. Use of javac and java.
  19. Have you use ddata structures in your project?
  20. How do you rate yourself in java and webdriver?