CSC – Selenium Interview Questions

  1. Explain the Framework you used in Selenium.
  2. Configuration and Execution of testcases using Selenium/Maven/TestNG/Jenkins.
  3. How to find the nearest element to a given element using xpath?
  4. How will you trigger an event in Selenium?
  5. How will you parameterize data in Selenium webdriver?
  6. TestNG data parameterization using excel.
  7. Format of testng.xml and maven pom.xml.
  8. How will you take snapshot with Selenium Grid?
  9. Consider there are 6 methods in your class, you need to run the first three in sequential order and next three in parallel.How will you do it using testing?�
  10. Consider there are two elements in a page with same id.How will you locate it?
  11. You need to identify a element inside a frame and then you need to click on the element/link outside the frame.Write a code for this.
  12. What is Encapsulation?
  13. Difference between overloading and overriding
  14. How will you prevent a method from overriding?
  15. Difference between JDK and JRE. Which one of them is platform dependnet?
  16. Inheritance with example. – Can secondary subclass can inherits the methods and variables of super class?