Global – Selenium Interview Questions

  1. Declared the method using final, How do I need to call the method?
  2. What is abstract class,what is the use?
  3. What type of parameterization did you use in your project?
  4. How to read data from database?
  5. What is webdrive?
  6. What is interface?
  7. What framework used in the project?
  8. In day 1 we have only two record in the excel nd tested those data, in day2 the record has increase to 10, How you program write for the dydnamic changes?
  9. Write a program to compare 2days and need to print which date is greater need to print the date.kindly provide the steps?
  10. How to count the upper and lower case character of particular string.Need to print the number of upper case and lower case?