Xchanging – Selenium Interview Questions

  1. Your experience and project background
  2. What type of framework do you use?
  3. What are your regular selenium activities?
  4. How do you manage test data for Selenium tests?
  5. Do you know RDBMS and what do you use?
  6. How do you make reporting in Selenium?
  7. How do you verify a given login button is named as “SignUp” and how will you confirm it is not “Login”?
  8. What statement do you use verify specific error message in the application?
  9. What is your notice period and can you join earlier than 30 days?
  10. Explain the framework that we have worked
  11. What jar file is used for excel and why?
  12. What build tool is used and whether we have exp in maven
  13. What is inheritance?
  14. What unit framework is used?
  15. How reports are generated?
  16. How do we write test cases?
  17. Asked to write some manual test cases
  18. How do we handle dynamic web elements in webpage?
  19. If a text is displayed in different places in all subsequent pages how do we handle it?
  20. What are the framework used?
  21. Whether we worked on custom framework and existing framework – product and what are the possible aspects from the custom framework and existing framework to develop the project from scratch?
  22. How we build framework?
  23. If there are severity 1 test cases in all modules to automate how do we select and automate?
  24. How parallelly TestNG can be executed?
  25. If 1 thread of 1 machine is dependent on 3rd thread of other machine how can we execute
  26. How to run the scheduler and to run the bat file?
  27. If there are 10 link boxes with 10 unique fields each boxes have then how many permutations we can have test cases…I said 10 to the power 10 if so is it feasible to do automation and how?