Bank of America – Selenium Interview Questions

    Round 1:
    1. Tell about yourself
    2. Explain your experience in Automation
    3. Role in Automation
    4. Write a program for registration page : Click on register link in web page. Then fill all the fields with external data source. Finally click on submit.
    5. Explain each and every line. what it will do [4]?
    6. In the same scenario[4] , how you read the data for 10 different test data?
    7. How to get count of all the links in web page?
    8. How to read the data from Notepad?
    9. How to read the file which is present in Network?[Like SharePoint]
    10. Explain manual testing cycle from requirement
    11. Defect Life cycle
    12. How to instantiate Chrome driver?
    13. Did you attend any Client calls from Onsite?
    14. What is Maven, Git, Jenkins?
    Round 2:
    1. Limitations of Selenium
    2. Write a code for taking screenshot
    3. How to handle Alert?
    4. How to handle multiple windows?
    5. Annotations in TestNg
    6. Hierarchy of TestNg
    7. Difference bw ‘Defect Retesting’ and ‘Regression Testing’
    8. Do u know Database testing?
    9. Which project is in which domain?
    10. If u have 100 scenarios. In that u have mixture of smoke and sanity scenarios. want to run smoke alone. How to handle this with TestNg.
    11. What are the reports u r maintaining?
    Round 3:
    1. Tell me about yourself
    2. How to read data from an excel? Write code and explain?
    3. What are the annotations available in TestNG?
    4. One question on when to use ‘Success percentage’ attribute in TestNG
    5. Explain Defect Lifecycle
    6. Sceniario: clicking on a link in a Window will take you to another window.i want to click a link in another window.
    7. how will you do that?
    8. What are locaters available in Selenium? Which is the least prepared, most prepared & how?
    9. What are the challenges you faced in selenium?
    10. What is the report used in your project?