Hexaware – Selenium Interview Questions

    Round 1:
    1. Brief me about your automation career
    2. Explain your framework
    3. How would you connect to your excel? Which class would you use for it?
    4. What is the machine readable format or which class converts any of your document/file into an object?( let me know if you didn’t understand the question.. I can explain)
    5. How would you click on a button on which webelement.click doesn’t work?
    Round 2:
    1. Tell me about your career
    2. Why would you want to leave CogniZant
    3. You think your current role isnt challenging?
    4. What is the most challenging issue you faced in your project?
    5. What kind of framework u hav used in ur project?
    6. Tell me the different tools that u hav used till now in ur project and explain?
    7. Draw and explain the folder structure of ur project and different classes that u hav in each folder?
    8. Explain the complete flow of ur code?
    9. Draw and explain ur framework?
    10. How u ll generate report in different format?
    11. Types of reports that u hav used in ur project?
    12. How to read data from excel sheet using apace poi?
    13. How u will handle multiple windows starting from parent window?
    14. Different types of waits in selenium webdriver and explain it with example?
    15. Difference between assert and verify?
    16. Assume we hav a login page, v hav entered login name correctly and entered wrong password and then v tried to login to the application. The password textbox will be highlighted in red color. How u will verify it?
    17. Assume u hav a login page, u entered usernameand password correctly and u cliicked login button.Now the application doesn’t
    18. Response u aft clikcing on login button… how u ll handle it in ur selenium code?
    19. Challenges that u hav faced in selenium?
    20. Explain with example hw u ll handle file uploads?
    21. How to full snapshots in chrome browser?
    22. How to select the drop down value and explain it with example?
    23. Program to print fibonacci series?
    24. Have u worked in SOAP UI, if so tell me what will u do with that?
    25. Have u developed any framework?
    26. Explain mouseover actions with example
    27. You hav a web table it contains 3 columns. 1st column contains name of a person and 3rd column contains out time. U need To print out time of a particular person name. Assume that the values in changing dynamically.