Virtusa Selenium Interview Questions

  1. Tell about yourself
  2. What kind of Framework have you implemented in your project?
  3. Describe the Structure of the Framework
  4. Write a program of Reverse of String Using String methods
  5. How do you execute your framework test cases?
  6. Write a program to copy all contents from one excel sheet to another sheet?
  7. What if I have 50 test cases and how do I execute all those test cases?
  8. What all Test Estimation Technique you know of? What Test estimation technique you applied in your project?
  9. In my browser, I face security certificate violation how do I avoid that using TestNg script? What kind of desired capability you would be using it to avoid it?
  10. How do you change your webdriver to run in remote machines?
  11. Explain Framework Implementation in your project
  12. What all Challenges you have faced in selenium?
  13. Do you have the knowledge of continuous integration like Jenkins?
  14. Draw the architecture diagram of selenium inplementation in your project
  15. Expalin what sdlc model you are using in ur project
  16. How can you check whether a particulat text present in a webpage. What are the predefined method in selenium for checking this?
  17. How to check whether the check box is selected or in unselected without using?
  18. How to find whether the element is in visible or in hidden?
  19. Difference between findElement and findElements
  20. How you will handle pop up windows?
  21. What is testng
  22. How you are handling keyword driven and datadriven framework in your project
  23. What is mean by hybrid framework?
  24. How can you upload file in webpage?
  25. How you will handle popup in webdriver?
  26. What are the Tools you know?

HR Round

  1. Why looking for change?
  2. Your positives & negatives.
  3. If we hire you: what would be the 3 things you will be looking for?
  4. Ready for relocation?
  5. Current CTC and Expected CTC?