D&B – Selenium Interview Questions

    Round-1-Written test
    1. 10+ questions from basic programming, loops, continue, breaks.
    2. 10+ questions from selelium drivers, xpath, cssSelector.
    3. 5+ questions from Java programming outputs like inheritance, looping outputs
    Round 2:
    1. Tell me about yourself
    2. About the fremework, which currently using
    3. Compare between Data driven & Keyword driven
    4. About Maven, Jenkins and ANT
    5. TestNG annotations and clarify the each annotations.
    6. What is current role in Test automation
    7. How do you rate yourself on Java?
    8. Write a Java program ‘to read a statement from a file and tell the word count & char count
    9. Tell me about Grid and where and when you are using it?
    10. Whate are all the reports you are using?
    11. Give the formate of xml report. Do you have chart on your report?
    12. How do you maintain the selenium code [I said GIT]?
    13. Suppose two people are saving the code in GIT version controller, what would happen?
    14. Which version of selenium are you currently using?
    15. What are all the advanced features in it [2.44] compare to prior version?
    16. Print Prime numbers using Java Program
    17. Read and write file from Excel, MS AccessDB and Text File.
    18. How do you run multiple suite and few more basic questions on Project experience?
    Tips to Prepare
    1. Make yourself strong in Collections, File handling, Exception handling and JDBC from Java
    2. Practice basic interview related programs of Java