L&T Selenium Interview Questions

  1. Draw the architecture diagram of selenium implementation in your project
  2. Expalin what SDLC model your using in your project
  3. How can you check whether a particular text present in a webpage? What are the predefined method in selenium for checking this?
  4. How to check whether the checkbox is selected or in unselected without using?
  5. How to find whether the element is invisible or in hidden?
  6. Difference between findElement and findElements
  7. How you will handle pop up windows?
  8. What is testng?
  9. How you are handling keyword driven and data-driven framework in your project?
  10. What is mean by hybrid framework?
  11. How can you upload file in webpage?
  12. How you will handle popup in web driver?
  13. What framework your are using?
  14. How can you handle pagination in Selenium Webdriver?
  15. What are all locators?
  16. Difference between findelements and findelement
  17. How to handle Popup window?
  18. How to handle alert?
  19. Difference between List and set
  20. Why we are using Set for Window Handle?
  21. Explain Map
  22. Explain Agile methodology
  23. How you are using Testng with Webdriver?
  24. Difference in Testnng over Junit
  25. Draw the architecture diagram of your selenium Framework of your project
  26. Waterfall model
  27. Defect life cycle
  28. SDLC life cycle
  29. Whether you are handling webtable in your project?